One day Workshop Every Month on Photography at Konica Labs

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A photo may convey a message to you, it might roll back years and connect you to the past, evoking hidden feelings etched in your memory.  Photographs are thus shot for sentimental reasons to practical concerns. To turn it into an emotive one, a certain amount of training is essential. To know about training programs happening at Konica labs by Mr. Dhamodharan and about him, read more..

“There is thus more to a photograph than just the lighting, shutter speed and other fundamentals of photography. Now-a-days with advances in technology one needs to be aware of techniques and tips while taking a photograph,” says K. Dhamodharan, Dhams Photography.


To train those interested in photography, Mr. Dhamodharan conducts a one-day workshop every month (on one of the Saturdays) along with Konica Labs. The aim of the workshop is to have the skills of amateur photographers.

The workshop which starts at 9.30 a.m. will have a minimum of 20-30 participants. The A/C classrooms are equipped with audio and video facilities.

“We will give them cues about types of lenses, properties of lenses, resolution of camera, practising visualisation, lighting, selecting backgrounds and foregrounds, how to compose the picture, how to select view point and so on,” says Mr. Dhamodharan.

He adds that it is the expression that enhances an image apart from factors such as makeup, clothing, using properties (that helps the onlooker to assess the personality of the object to be photographed). “Encompassing all this into a single photo will make people turn around to take a second look. They are sure to say: Wow! It is superb,” says Mr. Dhamodharan.


Post-lunch participants will be taught application techniques — wildlife photography or pet photography, long exposure photography, travel photos, events, close, portrait, mid-length and full length shots. Alliance photography — capturing a personality with his/her natural tone will be part of the training. The workshop will end with a hands-on session.

Interested students can take up projects and can continue to clarify doubts with Dhamodharan till they finish it. “I will give them a synopsis of what all one needs to shoot. Unlike other classes a one-to-one with the students will begin only after the workshop,” he assures.


He also wants the participants to express their talent to the world by posting whatever they have shot on to the Dhams Photography website. This will definitely motivate them to do better. Dhamodharan learnt photography out of self interest. Being with the printing and advertising industry, he has done a lot of commercial shoots. As a nature lover and one who loves to travel, he has gone on an expedition from Chennai-Srinagar-Kanyakumari-Chennai in 2006. It was a 21-day trip covering 9,100 km.

Handling these workshops has given him a paradigm shift in life for over a year now. So far, he has trained around 350 people and will be launching the facility in Ahmedabad at the end of August.

The classes in Chennai are held at the Konica Colour Lab, Sterling Road. His next workshop will be on August 25.

Want to know about the dates of the program ?

Enquire at  any Konica outlet or by visiting


Mr. K. Dhamodharan

Dhams Photography,

Konica Colour Lab,

Sterling Silver, 24 & 25 Sivaganga Road, off Sterling Road, Nungambakkam.

Contact Jana at  Mobile 99400 78820 or  Telephone 4290 9898.

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  1. Workshop fee – Rs.4000 plus Service tax – 12.36 % is stiff, for my money.

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