A 24 hour Getaway, Adventure Sport Camp at Madurantakam

Adventure Zone, has introduced Chennai to a whole range of adrenaline sports. Whether parasailing, rappelling, rock-climbing,camping or scuba diving, it has been the first to give  a taste of life on the thrill side. The company is run by a former army commando instructor with specialized training and over 25 years experience in adventure sports. Adventure Zone adheres to stringent safety norms, ensuring a 100% safety record.

The Campsite

The site is 90 km from Thiruvanmiyur, 85 km from Kathipara Junction and 11 km from Madhurantankam – set on 11 acres of beautifully landscaped property in peaceful green countryside. Here, you will find a 50 foot high, artificial climbing and rappelling wall, obstacle course, shooting ranges, and courses for other funky Team-Building games like Caterpillar Race and Pythagoras.

Accommodation is in spacious air-conditioned Swiss Cottage-style tents with bunk beds and luxurious toilet blocks. The catering is in-house and excellent, with both veg and non-veg options. It’s a perfect “rough it out in luxury” set-up. The infrastructure is fully geared to cater for programs ranging from full-fledged OBTs and Team Building events or any other soft skill training to camping, weekend getaways and corporate picnics. We can accommodate up to 150 participants in a/c tents.

Any combination of these activities can be used in OBT / Team Building / Picnic camps


PARASAILING is an adventure sport that blends the exhilaration of flying, parachuting and sailing into a single experience. Relatively new to India this activity is the easiest introduction to adrenaline sports, as it requires neither previous experience nor special skills. Harnessed to a parachute, the participant is towed by a jeep and lifted into the air to sail at heights of 200 feet. During the flight, the flyer does nothing except enjoy the view and the ride. At the end, he is brought down to a safe landing, controlled by the jeep. Our youngest participant has been about four years old and the oldest seventy-two! The flyer wears a helmet and a harness and is always attached to the jeep with a tow-rope. A standard sortie of a minimum of 5 minutes air time (or 400 meters), at a height of about 200 feet, is Rs 650/-. Parasailing is done after 2 pm, in the afternoon, on a dry lake bed, about a 5 minute drive from the campsite.

Rappelling and Rock-climbing

Sounds tough. But it’s actually one of the most fun and exhilarating ways to discover new powers of determination and concentration and to test your stamina. Learn some expert tips, catch that climbing infection, and hey! You’re over the rock face and on your way down again. Our 50-foot climbing wall is the first and only of its kind in the city. A typical day’s rock-climbing for the first-timer will start off with a lecture on the equipment, techniques and safety norms; followed by a demonstration.

Each participant will climb with the help of the grips and holds embedded in the wall, using the Balanced Rock-climbing Technique; and descend by Rappelling (also called Abseiling).In rappelling, he will learn to walk backwards down the cliff face using a rope and braking techniques that control speed of descent. The first effort will help him get the hang of it, and he can pit himself against the clock on the next attempt. Every participant is provided with safety gear, and is attached to a safety rope as long as he is on the rock face.

Rates start at Rs 300/= per head.

Off-Roading / Jeeping

You are taken for a 20 minute cross country drive in 4WD Jeeps. The ride will include hair raising climbs and drops and other thrills that you would never expect a vehicle to do. If you are a good driver (which our instructors will decide) you can drive over some of the obstacles too. Rs 650/= per head and up to 3 people in a Jeep.


ORIENTEERING is a fun way of finding your way. This adventure sport is all about navigating. Participants learn to use a Compass and measure distances, so that they can find their way between points laid down on a Route map. The route is about 2.5 kms long and entails about an hours walking cross-country.

A session will cost approximately Rs 300/= per head.  This is reccomended mainly for team building and OBT camps.

Obstacle course

Obstacles or stepping stone? Depends on how you look at it. This activity is a fun way of developing agility and helps people get over fears of physical and mental hurdles. A participant learns, that a few stumbling blocks need not mean that you give up. The course comprises a set of about ten obstacles, which include a Burma bridge, Monkey rope, Croc walk, Spider’s web, Leopard’s cave and a Robber’s climb among others. The participants are divided into small groups under separate instructors and are carefully monitored to see that they follow the laid down procedures and safety rules. After an initial demonstration, the groups are led into a practice session, followed by the real thing.

Charges begin at Rs 300/= per head.


Test your reflexes on our shooting range. Use state-of-the-art point 22 air rifles and pistols on actual combat targets used by the armed forces.

A standard package costs Rs 300/=.

For details

Mailing Address

New – 5, 3rd East Street,
Kamaraj Nagar,
Chennai – 600 041.

Cell: Maj S. R. Roy (retd) 94443 84608

Please only call on weekdays, between 10:00 am and 06:00 pm (IST).

E-mail : adventure1@dataone.in

Camp Site

The site is 90 km from Thiruvanmiyur, 85 km from Kathipara Junction and 11 km from Madhurantankam.

37, Cheyyur Road,
Village Zamin Endathur,
Taluk Madhurantankam,
Dist Kancheepuram,
PIN – 603 311

Tel: 044 2754 0178

For route map and other details


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