Eco Free Cab, a Modified Cycle Rickshaw and a Go Green Invention

Sivaraj MuthuramanEco Free Cab, an invention of Mr. Sivaraj Muthuraman has entered the India Book of Records. Sivaraj Muthuraman, a 26yr old Post Graduate based out of Tirupur,  hailing from an industrial background is basically a concept maker. He is also the proud founder and chairman of Eco Free Cab which is operating in Ireland, Canada & China, and now stepping into India. His invention, an Eco Free Cab has won him recognition in the “India Book of Records” under Science and Technology category. It is a modified cycle rickshaw and aims to encourage people to use Go Green vehicles.

This Eco Free Cab is a unique 3 seater vehicle which can run with solar energy, battery and by pedaling with no emission of polluted air unlike other cars which run on fuel. Its running distance per charge is 150km and it can run at a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

Presenting the certificate Mr. Vivek Raja, Adjudicator, India Book of Records stated that, “The world of today is desperately trying to evade the ongoing struggle with the “Greenhouse effect”.  What this world really requires is a revolution which can reduce pollution and create a toxic free environment for the next generation. If we speak about pollution, then the burning fuel from the automobiles is the major cause of it. If we can take control of at least this pollution creator, then we can reduce the level of daily pollution by 5% that means 60% a year.  When more and more countries around the world are turning their heads towards green vehicles, India is not lagging behind. We are glad to acknowledge this brilliant and a noble initiative which has been taken by Mr. Sivaraj, a true citizen of India”.

Sivaraj Muthuraman says,” This award gives me more confident to implement my product soon and encourages to come-up with more concepts. I am awaiting some support to launch these cabs in India starting from Chennai. I would like to launch these Go Green vehicles to provide free of cost services to the disabled, school and university students and other people travelling a distance of upto 2 kms. I would be grateful if I get necessary support to launch this initiative in the city”.

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  1. If he hasn’t already considered bamboo for cycle frame, Muthuraman might find it worthwhile toying with the bamboo bike idea –

  2. How could this get a record since this could be somebody else’s idea?

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  4. what is cost of this Eco free cab and from where anyone can buy this??

  5. It is mind blowing

  6. live in the United states, I can’t get a driver’s license because of my disability, and it’s sometimes hard to find a ride to my dr. appointments, the grocery store and other places that I have to go, I would Love to have one of theses it would make my life so much easier, I am praying that you can bring them to the USA as soon as possible thank you, may GOD bless you, your family, friends and of course your business, I think your business can help so many people 1🙏❤🤟 AMEN

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