Encouraging Emerging Entrepreneurs in Tamilnadu

TiEcon 2009

The spark of an idea, the spirit of an individual, the enterprise of the team go into building a successful business. Without being aware, the government’s economic forecast and the nation’s economic growth hinges on entrepreneurial success and the vibrant progress of businesses. The ultimate recognition for an entrepreneur is taking the stage in the limelight to stand out from the crowd and win an award.

TiECON, TiE Chennai’s flagship annual event, is most sought after by business leaders, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs of all forms, students, bankers, government officials, and many others. Held from 2008, the annual event for the past four years has attracted over 1000 delegates consistently. In the fifth year this time, TiECON endeavours to recognize the Emerging Entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu. For the past four years, Entrepreneur of the Year awards have been presented in various categories. The awards have acquired a prestigious position among the entrepreneurial community and a recognition at TiECON has meant laurels from peers and community, and a “pat on the back” by eminent members of the jury.

R. Ramraj, Chairman of TiECON this year, says, “The awards serves two purposes: (i) In order to encourage more youngsters to become entrepreneurs we need to showcase young successful entrepreneurs. These are great role models and are inspirational and (ii) Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey sometimes. Recognition through awards such as TiE’s helps motivate the entrepreneur and also brings social rewards.”

YourStory joins TiECON Awards this year as the online media partner. Pravin Shekar, who heads the awards committee, says, “A rigorous process is in place for nominations, due diligence and selection of the entrepreneurs across categories. TiE Chennai’s knowledge partner plays a key, central role in the entire process, convening the meeting, interviewing shortlisted entrepreneurs and presenting to the Jury committee.” BCG will be knowledge partner for the awards.

This year, the focus is on “Emerging Entrepreneurs” across Tamil Nadu. The “TiE Chennai Entrepreneur Awards” is scheduled on the 3rd of December as an exclusive Awards event.

TiE Chennai is extremely delighted to invite nominations for the TiECON Emerging Entrepreneur Award.

Don’t hesitate to stamp your approval and celebrate the entrepreneur who you think has shown the spirit, never-say-die attitude, and applied his or her vision to inspire others. Self-nominations are also welcome.

To nominate yourself or your favourite entrepreneur, goto  http://tiechennaiawards2012.questionpro.com/

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