Booming Business Opportunity – Online Tutoring and Assistance

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Everything from text books to chatting with a teacher can be done online, so why not move school study halls to the web? A recent survey predicts that 2012-2013 school year will see the rise of online study halls by students who want to enhance their education with digital content and more online collaboration.

This is according to two surveys conducted by Chegg, an online academic hub for students. The site’s registered users have grown 45% since January 2012.

“There is a student-driven revolution taking place in higher education,” said Chegg President and CEO Dan Rosensweig. “We’re seeing students take back their education, empower themselves and look outside their schools for technology, tools and resources to help them succeed.”

The surveys were conducted in July 2012 and looked at college students’ study habits and their attitudes toward using technology as a study tool. Three major highlights emerged from the study: students are collaborating both online and in person; education-focused technology tools are much needed and “interactive content is the next frontier in education.” Some specific highlights of the study include:

  • 47% plan to or are considering using an online study group in the upcoming school year.
  • 51% would be likely or extremely likely to chat online with an expert in real time to answer questions.
  • The number of students who might try online tutoring or homework help next year will increase 5X.
  • 64% would be very likely or extremely likely to use an online assistant that automatically compiles study materials for each class
  • 67% said they would be very or extremely likely to use video tutorials that explain difficult concepts.

Chegg started as a textbook rental company with a free app and now has expanded to offer numerous other academic services, as well as acquiring other education-related startups. Today, Chegg’s Homework Help service is used at 95% of the largest 1,000 colleges.

The two surveys were conducted this past July with the help of Survey Monkey. 849 undergraduate and graduate students, who were all Chegg users responded to the survey.

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