Buddhist Temple in Chennai

Lord Buddha in Sri Lanka - Kalutara

It’s very rare to find a temple for Buddha in Chennai, the gateway of South India. You can even find Jain temples, but not Buddhist temples, as the Buddhist population in Chennai is almost nil. However, there is a Buddhist temple in Chennai. This article explores about that temple.

If you are from South India and wish to visit a Buddhist temple, don’t worry. You don’t need to travel to Sri Lanka or Tibet. You don’t even have to travel to Gaya or Sarnath. In Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu state of South India, you can find a temple for Lord Buddha. That too, this temple is located well at the heart of the city. Egmore Railway station is one of the two main railway stations of Chennai city. Buddha temple is located at a small lane named Kenneth lane just opposite to Egmore railway station. It hardly takes five minutes walk from the railway station.

This small temple of Lord Buddha is situated inside the building of the Maha Bodhi Society of India. It belongs to Sri Lankan Buddhists. The Maha Bodhi Society of India was founded by Anagarika Dharmmapala in May 1891 for the purpose of restoring the ancient Buddhist shrines at places such as Gaya and Sarnath. He founded the Soceity’s first center at Buddha Gaya, and in various other cities including the one found at Egmore, Chennai.

The shrine has just a big idol of Lord Buddha. The building is used by the pilgrims as a guest house. When you happen to go to Egmore, visit this small temple of Buddha having a big idol of Buddha.


49* Mahabodhi Society (Madras)
17 Kennet Lane, Egmore, Madras 600 008, Tamil Nadu
Tel: 44-28192458
Tradition: Theravada

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  1. Thanks a lot for your valuable information about the Buddha temple in Chennai.

  2. Thank you for the valuable information, I have a quick question, do you accommodate Buddhist monks from Other countries for short stay to explore more on Buddhism in chennai? Many thanks! Padmanabhan

  3. Need Buddha Monks Contact: 09790925042

    • Keshava Ranga Ramanujacharya

      Dear Holy Buddha Acharya


      i have mastered the Hindu philosophy [advaitha Vedantha]. Wish to have talks with Buddha philosophers. Wish to bring unity between these 2 religions. If you are interested plz contact me.


  4. I am having land in theni. I try to build Buddha temple. can anybody help me

  5. can anybody help to build Buddha temple near theni in tamilnadu. I am having land

  6. hi jeyachandran
    i wann to help
    but i m very poor
    bz i m also buddhist
    i really wann help

  7. It’s really bad to have only a single Buddha temple in chennai.
    However, I just want to meet a buddhist monk, so anyone can please tell me that where I can find a monk near chennai or any other state near chennai

  8. not only one. a big statue can be seen in padianallur, near pilikan hindu temple,redhills,ch 52.two myanmar monks also there in that very large and so peaceful temple.

  9. in chennai,52 ,redhills,padianallur, a large indo myanmar, monestry and a big statue of buddha and two myanmar monks can be seen.

  10. Please guide me how to go there?… i am new to chennai

  11. is there everybody allowed in Budha temple?

  12. on 15-8-2016 i went to this temple late in the evening; it is very desolate with no one around; when i tried to go near the main “sanctum” 6 or 7 stray dogs rushed at me barking nonstop; a twig saved me; on hearing these dogs an old woman came rushing out of her abode and accosted me; she was rude no doubt. slowly she got pacified and led me to the main and the only enclosure where the huge Buddha is seated looking on serenely. the cupola above his head is open with iron rods left open and also the temple has been left unfinished, brick walls without plastering, the half open concrete dome, as if the workers left the job in the middle and went away; why?
    in the back of the property a fairly new one storyed building stands where the two buddhist monks live; the younger is a student and the older monk just vanished inside the building; the young chap is very reasonable, charming and polite; presently student of madras university, too bad i did not record our conversation and his name just eludes me now. i came out and the dogs were more daring now; the woman just could not be seen and another twig saved me; a spooky place!

  13. Any Buddha temple available near to tambaram, chengellpet

  14. Do they sell any books about buddhism or buddha teachings


  16. Lot of Buddha books are available for sale.
    Pl contact 9500049199

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