Hear Our Vedas and Mantras Recited by Italians

Influenced by the spirituality and Hindu way of life, 23 Italians, including a couple from the Vatican, underwent a crash course in learning Sanskrit hymns and mantras at the Veda Patashala in Karuvadikuppam on Sunday. Amid vedic chants, A. Raja Sastrigal gave diksha to the Italians.

Raja Sastrigal, who conducted the coaching lasting three hours, said the team had come to Puducherry after undergoing basic coaching at the Vatican during his visit in 2009. Italians Flavio and his wife Spanio came to me several years ago after visiting my website, Raja Sastrigal told Deccan Chronicle, adding that the couple was eager to learn Sanskrit hymns and the Vedas. They felt that India is a karmabhoomi where alone they could have the efficacy of learning ancient Sanskrit hymns and mantras.

Inclined towards Hindu tradition and beliefs, the couple underwent a crash course in Puducherry after undergoing basic coaching in Italy during his visit. The team, comprising doctors, engineers and teachers, came to Puducherry referred by Flavio. Today, the team underwent practices in reciting Sri Rudra Chamakam, Rudrajapam, Srisuktham and the Upanishads. The team would visit Puducherry again a few months later for more intensive practices.

Raja Sastrigal said he was impressed by the correct pronunciation, phonetics and ebb and flow of the trainees in uttering the mantras like an Indian scholar would, adding that all of them also got sacred Hindu names. The training today lasted three hours and was imparted to the team eager to learn the deva basha (God’s language).

He also performed kalasa theertha ritual (sprinkling of holy water) on the trainees as per the rituals of Hindu religion at the end of the practice. The Veda Patashala was charged with spiritual ambience and the participation of the foreigners drew the attention of everyone.

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