Two Full Moons in August and Lot of Spiritual Energy for You

Blue Moon

With two full moons, two Aadi Fridays, Krishna’s birthday and Vishnupati lined up, August holds a lot of celestial importance this year. The first full moon falls on August 1 and the second one will appear on August 31, making this once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence and a rare celestial activity.

“The second full moon that appears in a calendar month is named blue moon. But it will not look blue in colour. We call it a blue moon because this phenomenon happens only every 2.5 years,” said director Maya Benkovich, adding that the event occurring in August, which is Krishna’s birth month, increases its significance.

“Moon is associated with emotions, which are prerequisites for creation. The term honeymoon could perhaps be referred to the ecstasy that full moon day brings,” said AstroVed founder Dr Baskaran Pillai.

He added that the full moon day is synonymous with abundance and so there will be a special spiritual energy available on that day.

“Even if you don’t mediate on any other day, it is important to meditate on full moon day so that we can get energised,” he noted.

Further, the occurrence of the full moon in the Vedic year of ‘Nandana’, which means Garden of Krishna, holds special significance. Interestingly, the word Krishna means dark blue. “Krishna is also depicted as a deity with blue coloured skin,” said Ms Maya.

“While one connects Fridays with wealth, the moon is associated with the mind. Added to Krishna’s perfection and Vishnupati that enhances conceptual energy, the month is ideal to connect with the unconscious mind,” she added.

Scientific astrologer S. Ramachandran said, the blue moon would bring abundance of rain. “The planetary positions are also very favourable and so we will receive good rainfall in August,” he added.

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