Join the Drive – Make Our Beaches Clean and Eco-friendly

Marina Beach, Chennai

A group of young men and women gathered at Elliot’s Beach on Sunday morning to initiate a waste disposal drive. More than 50 volunteers of Stella Maris College and Reclaim Our Beaches (ROB) group placed an art installation to create awareness on the need for safe disposal methods of various wastes.

The volunteers undertook a clean-up programme in the Adyar estuary and campaigned for cleanliness among the public and also urged beachgoers to use eco-friendly products.

“Beach cleaning serves no purpose because the garbage is going to be dumped in a different place, affecting the livelihoods of people there. We need to have effective waste management system at the source,” said ROB member G. Kaushik Subramaniam, pointing out that beach cleaning will not end the garbage menace.

“We should understand that when we cut down dumping waste there is no need for organising mass cleaning programmes,” said Subramaniam.

Students resolved to continue the awareness programmes in other places through their enviro-club. “We should understand that throwing garbage in dustbins will not end our responsibility. Our members will highlight the mantra of recycle, reuse and reduce among youth. This principle will help us to attain sustainability,” said the president of the club, K. Ratna.

ROB’s campaigns are updated on the website

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