Do you know Sabari Karthik, Our Own International Karate Champion ?


India is home to champions of many kind and sports is one of them, often unnoticed and unsung. Kudos to the Coimbatore boy who is making waves silently in the international arena. Yes, Tamilnadu is home to an international Karate champion, Sabari Karthik in the photo with his coach. Read on to support such young talents and encourage the others aspiring to be one of the kind..

Flexibility and endurance coupled with the ability to strike hard is every karate champ’s vital weapon. Sabari Karthik G of KCT School of Business has mastered these three abilities and is now an international karate champion.

It was only last year when Karthik participated in the 24th Senior National Karate Championship and came out on top of the leader board. This year round, he is headed to Uzbekistan for the 11th edition of the Asian Karate Championship.

Participants from 40 countries will fight it out in this tournament. Karthik will be participating in men’s 67-75 kg category.

“I have practiced consistently since winning the tournament last year. My coach, Albert, has been my pillar of strength, and has really helped guide me and I am looking forward to the competition,” he said.

KCT School of Business has sponsored his trip to Uzbekistan for the karate tournament while the Zen Academy is where Karthik has been training for the big event.

“I have taken part in many events across the country so fighting is not something that I am new to, but some of the competitors that I will face will be very well trained and it’s important that I always stay focused,” he concluded.


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  1. K. Prathap Kumar

    We pray the almighty to guide Sabari Karthik, in his forth coming events. God Bless his Coach and their family.

  2. Anna ,we wish you all the best !

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