Simple Tips to Comb your Hair the Right Way


Kamisuki (Combing the hair), A colour woodbloc...


Combing the hair, a very commonly used term of everyday life is not as simple as it sounds. Simple tips to comb your hair right can go a long way in maintaining a lustrous healthy hair. How do you manage your long hair with tangles? Do you brush your hair or scalp? Want to know then Read on..



Rules To Comb Your Hair:


1. Never comb wet hair: Are you one of those people who attack their soaking wet hair with a comb because they are getting late? Do yourselves a favour; get up 10 minutes early to take a bath and dry your hair comfortably. Never pass a comb through your hair when it is wet because it is full of knots and tears easily.


2. Combing the scalp is most important: Technically, your scalp is not the same as your hair. You are supposed to use a hair brush on your scalp to facilitate blood circulation and stimulate the hair follicles to grow. You should run at least 100 brush strokes through your scalp everyday to have healthy lustrous hair.


3. Start at the end: This is a hair combing tip that works wonders for people who have long hair. The knots in your hair are concentrated on the thickest part of your mane. You should start brushing your hair from the tips and move upwards. This does not put pressure on your scalp that lead to hair fall.


4. Divide and rule: If your hair is really thick, you need to divide it into parts and then comb each part thoroughly. This is because no comb can reach through the entire density of your hair at once. So you will end up combing only the top layer of your hair while the bottom layers keep knotting up.


5. Change the direction of combing often: If you keep on brushing your hair in a particular direction then your hairline will start receding from there. For example, if you keep brushing your hair backwards then your forehead will grow larger by the day. Try to swap the direction of combing every now and then.


6. Never comb tied hair: Many of us tie up out hair in a hurry and then comb it pre-functionarily. It is one of worst combing habits ever. If your hair is tied into a pony and you comb it, it will start tearing at the base.


7. The type of comb: All of us should have at least 2 basic types of combs. One is a large comb with sparse bristles, the other should a normal comb with bristles that are close together and the last is hair brush. You must use these combs in the same order as it is mentioned.


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