Velachery Main Road to have White Topped Concrete Road as a Forerunner

The Chennai corporation has proposed to lay concrete on prominent city roads using a “white topping” technology which will extend the lifespan of these roads by up to two decades. Problems of potholes, wear and tear, erosion and skidding can be avoided thanks to the technology. “The corporation has roped in the Cement Manufacturers Association to execute the trial project.

The Velachery Main Road will be the first road in the state to witness the change,” said Chennai Mayor Saidai Duraisamy after inaugurating the project on Wednesday.

According to a senior corporation official, major cement companies have come forwarded to support the civic body and are providing technical designs as per the Indian Road Congress guidelines.

Though Western countries follow the white topping technology for roads, most Indian cities stick to bitumen roads as they are cost effective.

The Mumbai corporation has been successful in implementing the technology. To lay a kilometre of bitumen road (40 feet wide) it costs close to `35 lakh. Though concrete roads cost at least five times more, the life of the road can range up to 25 years if well maintained,” the official explained.

Besides comfortable driving, the concrete overlay also reduces the number of accidents during monsoon, as they are skid resistant. Concrete surfaces being lighter in colour also require less power consumption for illumination and will reduce fatigue among drivers, added corporation sources.

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  1. can i get the contact details of the person concerned with tis project? this would help me in doing my coll project

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