New Technology Environment Friendly Autos using 80% water as Fuel


They are dreaming of a better, environmentally-sensitive world. Final-year students of the mechanical department of MVJ College of Engineering in Bengaluru have developed a hybrid auotrickshaw that runs on 80 percent water and 20 percent LPG.

The project is an attempt to improve fuel efficiency and to decrease carbon emissions by Ashok M, Jagadish Gunde, Mahantesh Hiremath and Manoj. The vehicle was converted into a ‘hybrid auto’ using the available oxyhydrogen technology. It does not replace water with fuel, but enhances the efficiency of a fossil fuel-based engine by using the stored energy in water.

The student-researchers said the concept vehicle is fitted with oxyhydrogen (HHO) kit that generates HHO by breaking down hydrogen and oxygen bonding through electrolysis.

“This gas improves the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Here, HHO is blended with LPG at the point of air intake to improve combustion efficiency, increase horse power and a cleaner combustion chamber,” they said.

Principal Dr. Badrinarayan said sustainability is not exclusively an environmental issue.

“The students of MVJCE bring a message to all citizens to start using and thinking of an eco-friendly lifestyle,” he said. Team leader Ashok said the three-wheeler is useful to those who cannot afford highly priced fossil fuels. It can be used for transporting heavy goods too.

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