Museology, Archaelogy – Emerging New Courses in MCC

Madras Christian College

Madras Christian College (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

History is not just about understanding the society. For many students, it more of a stepping stone to breeze through competitive examinations like the union public service commission.  Nearly 30% of questions asked in these exams are from history and that gives history graduates an advantage, says K Ashok, assistant professor of history, Madras Christian College(MCC). The college offers two types of courses. “One covers history and the other archaeology and museology,” says R Venkataramanujam, assistant professor, MCC.

Museology and archaeology are some of the emerging fields. “There is an urgent need for museum curators,” says Venkataramanujam. Another area is marine archaeology.

The core subject also has new areas of study. “Subjects like subaltern history look at ordinary people and events that changed the course of history. Another area is contemporary history, which studies the recent past, including developments like inter-state water disputes,” he says. Subaltern history includes women’s studies and dalit history, where the socio-economic developments of a period is analysed.

The emergence of new areas has led to more job opportunities. At the National Defence Academy, history graduates are preferred for teaching jobs as it is important for the cadets to study the past, he says. In tourism, those with knowledge of history and good language skills are sought-after. There is s also scope in publishing, especially in areas of editing and researching manuscripts that deal with history.

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