Art n Soul Summer Camp for Kids

With the onset of summer and the schools being shut for vacation, Art n Soul, an activity centre for kids, brings you an exclusive programme that deals with activities from painting, fashion designing to yoga and games.

A one-of-a-kind experiential workshop , The Sunshine Express, organised by Art n Soul, will enable children to have a multitude of experiences under one roof. Each session is chosen and designed to bring about a lasting change in the child’s life.

The sessions are not just filled with loads of fun, but unlimited learning as well. The workshops will be conducted by professionals from the relevant field.

The Sunshine Express embarks on its journey with its first trip from April 30 to May 12 and its second trip from May 14 to May 26. With this workshop, kids can explore 24 different destinations that could be life changing experiences in 24 days. At this activity centre the various destinations include sessions ranging from pottery, sugarcraft, baking, life skills training, fashion designing, story telling, music appreciation, theatre, debating, public speaking, air dry clay craft, movement, puppetry, creative writing, yoga, etiquette and games.

Kids of age group 8 – 14 years are eligible to board the Sunshine Express.

The workshop will teach  children the benefits of working in teams, appropriate team behaviour and making ‘my team’ a happy winning team.

With these sessions, children will learn to understand the effort and commitment it takes to make money, appreciate money as a resource not as an end in itself and develop money prudence.

A session called Sugar Castle will see kids bake two varieties of cookies from scratch — chocolate chip and butter cookies. They will weigh and measure ingredients, knead,  roll and shape the cookies. Participants will also colour and roll fondant and cut out shapes that match their cookies and use this to frost the baked cookies.

Art n Soul is located at Anna Nagar. For details, call Devi  9841268097

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