Get Ready to Receive a E-Challan if you Jump Signals or Violate Traffic Rules in Chennai

Traffic Signal at Poonamallee High Road, Park ...

Beware before violating any traffic rules in Chennai, you might be shot. Don’t be shocked and scared. To get the detail report, please read on. Chennai traffic police has come up with advanced technology which will enable them to track traffic offenders easily. Concerned constable now will take pictures (shot) of vehicles of traffic offenders and will send fine notice to the owner of the vehicles. Terming the new system as ‘beat challan’, Chennai traffic police are now all set to begin with their new venture.

The new system would help police to bar people from offering and giving money as bribe to avoid big penalty over violation of traffic rules. Police officials have been quoted as saying, “The e-challan system is a foolproof way to avoid bribing.”

According to a report published by Times of India, traffic constables will be provided with GPRS-enabled hand-held devices with built-in camera to capture images of traffic-violating vehicles and send the images to the control room where an automatic challan will be generated.

Addresses of the vehicle owners will be verified with help of a tracking system from the RTO database once the pictures of the vehicles reach the control room.

Police personnels also have been quoted as saying, “We plan to buy 500 such gadgets and hand them over to all traffic head constables and constables patrolling the roads.”

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