FlashMob at Citi Center with a Cause

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Lazy Sunday shoppers were startled into reality from their lethargic daze when the Nakka Mukka song blared on the speakers at the CitiCentre. A group of youngsters who were aimlessly scampering around the mall’s atrium before the performance suddenly jumped onto the foyer for an enthusiastic flashmob. Is it some kind of fun or was it with a cause? Read on to know more about this…

But the city has had its fair share of flashmobs. Save for a few, nobody was really surprised about what was going on, as they settled in on the sidelines, shopping bags piled up and ice creams in hand. The group of dancers, all clad in white tees, sang their lungs out, even if they didn’t know the lyrics too well.  But the group didn’t seem to take any distractions to heart (even slips and falls) and cruised from one song to the next, from Jai Ho to Nagada Nagada from Jab We Met, dancing enthusiastically all the way. If by now, some of the spectators were walking away to resume shopping or get to their delayed Sunday siesta, they stopped in their tracks as the music contradictorily turned tantric.

One of the members of the group ran up to a platform to lead them and they launched into the Surya Namaskar. As they went from one asana to the next, in near-perfect synchronisation, the audience began observing things with more focus – they noticed that the white tees had ‘Yogathon’ logos printed on them and the banners suddenly came into view.

The Fine Print

Organised by The Art of Living, the flashmob was a precursor to a yogathon that will take place World Health Day, April 7 at 6 am at the Marina Beach. Registration is free and those who complete the challenge of performing 108 Surya Namaskars will get a Gold Certificate. Other participants will get a Spirit of Yoga Certificate. For details, call 9962534103/ 9444544199.

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  1. The flashmob in the city center did Sunday shoppers a favor with their lively performance since shopping on a Sunday can be quite dull. However, people that love to shop in peace probably did not like the performance.

  2. This is actually fun and entertaining. A beautiful weekend for the shoppers who are not only happy for their purchases but to the colorful performance as well.

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