Innovation in Waste Management – What it takes to Adopt this in our Chennai?

Here’s a good thing going to waste. Although it’s been three years since young K.B. Joy set up an eco friendly waste treatment plant  that the Kodungallur municipality (Kerala) has no complains about, no other local body seems interested in installing it. “They were perhaps sceptical because I told them it would be free of cost. All I want is the bio-manure produced by the plant which I sell to farmers and earn enough for its maintenance,” he says.

Joy , who first came up with a machine to separated seeds and pericarp in red chillies way back in 1995, developed the municipal solid waste treatment plant three years later, in 1998. It’s a simple concept. The waste is passed through water to keep the plastic afloat.

Once removed and shredded, the plastic can be used for road laying and making fence poles. The slurry itself goes into manufacture of manure without use of chemicals or genetically modified bacteria and is sold to farmers at Rs 5 a kg.

The three tonnes of waste generated by the Kodungallur municipality every day is processed at the plant in an hour using this eco friendly technology.

While to begin with the municipalities of Guruvayur, Vadakara and Thalipparamba seemed interested in setting up similar plants, they strangely , did not get back to Joy once they learnt he would charge them nothing for it and would pay for its maintenance with the money earned through the manure produced.

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  1. joy, please give your contact number immediately or call me at my mob: 9656983460

    Sajeesh K A, Iritty

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