Simple Makeup Tips to Make Your Nose Look the Way You Want it

Nose makeup is not just about making your nose look sharper. What about people who have hawk like sharp noses? There must be basic makeup tips for them too. Makeup can be customised according to the shape of your nose. It is not just people with flat noses who need makeup to cover up their flawed nose. There are makeup shades and styles for almost everybody’s nose. Here are some of the nose makeup tricks that you can adopt depending on the shape of your nose.

Nose Makeup For Your Nose:

1. Broad Nose: Does your nose have enough space to accommodate an entire dynasty? No worries, some basic use of makeup will shorten its reach. The trick is to use a darker makeup shade of foundation for your nose. Let it be just a shade darker but the richer tone will work for you. You need to apply the foundation using a thick makeup brush in ‘c’ around your nose. Start from just below your eye line and end the half circle near your nostrils. The centre of your nose can have the usual shade of foundation you use as long as you blend it in.

2. Narrow Nose: All you have to do is reverse the nose makeup for a broad nose here. Use the darker shade at the centre of your beak and lighter shades of foundation around it. This will give some volume to your beak-like nose.

3. Flat Nose: This is probably the most common problem people have with their noses. I guess sharp noses are a bit of a stereotype of beauty standards. Anyway, you can still work around your supposedly ‘flat nose’. The key to making your nose stand out is to highlight only a bit of it. Use a highlight to mark a strip at the centre of your nose. This way, the focus will be just on this highlighted part of your nose while the rest fades into the background.

4. Long Nose: Basic makeup for a nose that stretches vertically like Pinocchio’s is probably the simplest. All you have to do is blunt the beak from the front and it will appear flatter. You need concealer or foundation that is a few tones darker than your natural complexion. Smudge this at the last point of your nose and around the nostril openings. Do the rest of your makeup as usual.

Expert Tips For All:

Different nose shapes have different specifics for their makeup. But few tricks are common to all. To stop your nose from becoming shiny like ‘Rudolph the red nose reindeer’ is one. After a few hours, your nose starts shinning like a light. Use these fashion tips for women to avoid that catastrophe.

1. Never use moisturizer before you do nose makeup. Use powdered foundation not an oil based one.
2. Carry a powder case with you so that you can touch up your makeup.

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  1. I dont know to use makeup. Is there any other to make blunt nose look pointed

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