Geriatric House Call Program for Helping the Elderly with Acute Medical Problems

GERIATRIC HOUSECALL PROGRAMME  is launched mainly to help the deserving elderly (70 and above) with the restricted mobility (60 and above) or to manage the acute medical problems. The Doctors residing in the particular area will attend the elderly who reside in the same locality.General Physicians or geriatrician will be involved in the programme. Physiotherapist and Psychologists have also committed to serve for this good cause.

NEED OF THE HOUR – GERIATRIC HOUSECALL PROGRAMME, – a pioneering project by Senior Citizens Bureau, Chennai

Longevity of life is now a ‘fait accompli’. More and more people are living beyond 70 and 80 years of age. Though the elderly enjoy longevity of life, they are prone to suffer from multiple problems like falls, stroke, arthritis, parkinson’s disease, dementia and urinary problems.

The concept of family physician has disappeared now. At the present juncture, doctors are not in a position to make house calls due to various reasons like pressure of work, lack of time and difficulty in transport. When the elders fall ill, all of a sudden, medical facility is not only an urgent necessity for them, but has also to be extended right at their homes. Due to non availability of medical personnel nearby, the sick elderly are unable to receive urgent medical attention. Such denial of immediate medical attention tends to develop complications in the condition of the sick elderly. Sometimes it may even lead to the extent of endangering their life. Bedridden elderly need continuous medical care or at least periodical medical attention at home.

In a needy situation the family members can contact the nearby Doctor who is enrolled in this project, either by phone or in person. In response, the Doctor may attend the call for immediate treatment or guide the caregiver over the phone. For emergency visit it is better to provide necessary transport facility. If necessary after the visit, he may direct the patient for admission in the nearby Hospital or Nursing Home.

It is better that the family members get acquaintance with the near by doctor and appraise about the elderly person in their house. This will enable the Doctor to know about the health status of the elderly persons, well in advance. Regarding professional charges it is up to the Doctor and the patient relative should decide about it. It is very difficult to draw strict fee structure.

Family members are requested to use this scheme very carefully and not to disturb the Doctors unnecessarily for minor problems.

The phone numbers and address of the Housecall programme Doctors, Physiotherapist Psychologists, Nurses, Nursing Aides and Laboratory Services can be obtained from the following places

Dr.V.S.Natarajan – Adiparasakthi Clinic, 18, A, Flowers Road,
Kilpauk, Chennai-600 010.
Phone No.: 26412030

Senior Citizens Bureau
B-30, 1st Floor, Anna Nagar East,
Chennai – 600 102. (Behind Titan Showroom)
Phone No.: 2489 5488

Capt.M.Singaraja – 90(93), Rama Naicken Street, Nungambakkam,
Chennai – 600 034. Phone No.: 28231388

Mr.Murugaiyan – Cell: 9884145189

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  1. It is heartening to note the efforts taken b y the SC Bureau to provide on call service for geriatric problems. Now a days the local Drs do not take interest in on call service and insist on the patient being brought to their clinics during the visit timings fixed or take to a Nursing Home at odd hours. So though there are lot of Drs around attending the clinics – mostly in the evenings – the average patient who needs the services at odd hours (usually late nights and holidays… in particular) are put to much difficulty. The Duty Drs at Nursing Home who are usually young practitioners alone are available at those times and the people are not able to have the views of senior / specialist advice for their loved ones.

    I wish you also publish list of Drs on On call Roll with phone numbers for info of the needy public.

    May God bless your efforts to alleviate the health issues of the elderly.

    badri poondi

  2. Am JAYASHREEMENON ..M.D the chennai homes premium retirement community in pondi
    hello, nowadays we dont have proper geriatric dr. across pondi kindly help us to serve our clients who are staying there at our site… All the doctors dnt have time to visit the patients in need of emergency …kindly do a workshop or counselling which is needed for the doctors to do service to the community for retired not to be more commercial…let all do it together

  3. Venkataramani

    Sir, My father is aged 95,just stepped to 96, He is healthy but weak due to age.I need some advice to take care of him and also a Geriatric regular visit.
    We are staying in valasaravakkam, Chennai
    Thanks and Regards

    • Thanks for joining us in Chennai Focus. Please contact these numbers for details – They should be able to help you

      Dr.V.S.Natarajan -Phone No: 26412030

      Capt.M.Singaraja – Phone: 28231388.

      Mr.M.S. Murugaiyan – Cell: 9884145189

      Mr.Vasudevan – Cell 9444479315


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