Hippocampus Summer Programs and Camp


Little Scientist !

This Summer CurioKidz in Association with Hippocampus Children’s Company …brings your way a sci-fun filled , exciting program for all the young science enthusiasts.

Don your Potter hat and get set to Journey with us to Sci-wonderland.

Young Wizards (8 -12 years) can choose between A Journey to the Magical World of Light or a Journey to the Mystical World of Electricity

Teen Wizards (13-16 years) awaiting to take on higher challenges, can join us on the Journey to the Elusive World of Electronics.


Camp Duration

Each summer camp theme is designed for duration of 12-15 hours. The camps can be conducted as two days or five days camps depending on the requirement. Participant would be provided with a Science Kit relevant to the Camp theme.

The workshops are designed to stimulate the kids’ curiosity and imagination by having them build their own gadgets. The concepts are taught using videos and interactive discussions.


Chandni Khanna

Hippocampus Children’s Co.

Old No.4, New No.11,

3rd Avenue,Indiranagar


Chennai – 20.

9444049175 /24433544  /42116417



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