Make Sure to Read This Post If Your Child is Learning Yoga

People in various yoga asanas. Original title ...

Every morning, when Vishnu tries performing the Chakrasana (wheelpose), he loses balance. The seven-year-old knows how to practise the asana, but the problem arises when he tries to bend his body in the pose. Learning yoga as part of school curriculum is important, but equally important is the way it is taught. So if your ward is attending his weekly or daily yoga classes in school, it’s your duty to check whether he is practising the asanas (postures ) without errors.

Yoga experts believe if the asanas are not practised correctly, they would not serve the purpose and there could be complications. To avoid this, many suggest the state government standardise yoga for all schools. “In many schools, yoga is taught for the sake of teaching. The trainers should not mix the styles of different yoga experts. If they do, it will confuse the students. And that’s what is happening in many schools. This situation can be changed only if there is uniformity in teaching yoga in schools,” says Ganapathi Ramakrishnan, a senior yoga practitioner, who had even approached the government to press his point a couple of times in 2011

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