Learn to Prepare Home Made Kajal aka Kan-Mai

A Close-Up of a Mascara Wand

Kajal has been a beauty and cosmetic item used for babies and adults alike. It has medicinal properties in its original form. It is nothing but the soot of ingredients used. Castor oil and ghee are known to reduce body heat and promote hair growth, here in this case thick eyelashes. Remember Savitri, the beautiful heroine of those days with her beautiful eyes.. Here we are giving the method of making home made kajal/kanmai with its goodness.

Required Items

50 ml pure ghee or castor oil
a  lamp which can accommodate the ghee/oil
1 long cotton wick

1 copper plate used in poojas

Few almonds (Optional)

Pavazhamalli flowers (Optional)

Directions to make homemade Kan Mai / Kajal

1. Pour the ghee in the lamp but keep a teaspoon of it aside. Wet the wick in the ghee and light the lamp. Fix the copper plate over the flame with the help of the stand.

2. Place the lamp in a place where there is no wind to disturb the lamp. Leave the lamp to burn for 10 hours. The best time to make kajal is at night. Light the lamp and it will burn till the oil/ghee is into it.

**  if you are looking for a rich kajal that works wonders, make almond kajal. Take few almonds. Pierce one almond with a tweezer and hold it above the lamp and allow it to burn. Once burnt, move on to the next almond. Keep repeating till the almonds are exhausted.

** if you are using parijatham, remove the orange color stem ( must be atleast 10 in number) and place it in a teaspoon over the flame. It burns and becomes into a thick viscous liquid. Add this to the final product.

3. After the oil is burnt take out the copper plate placed over the lamp. There will be a thick powdery black colored residue under the plate. This powder residue is the base of the natural kohl making.

4. Now take the the half teaspoon ghee which was kept in the beginning. Add it in drops to in that black powder.

5. Rub the residue with one finger till you make a consistent kohl. Do not make it too thick or too thin. Thin kajal will smudge and thick one will set in lumps.

6. Keep the mix in an air-tight box and refrigerate it for 2-3 hours. Store in room temperature after refrigerating.

Homemade kajal is ready. You can apply this natural and homemade eye kajal without worrying about the chemicals.

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  1. wow! that sounds quite simple actually. My mom says one of my aunt used to make Kajal… always wondered how…thanks for this.. shall try this after guests leave on 21st. and tell you how it went.

  2. Hello, is the end product similar to liquid eyeliners? If so, how do I make kajal similar to pencil eyeliners?

  3. Can this kajal be used on the water line? That is what i want to make… If i thicken it, can it be used on the water line?

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