If Allopathy has No Cure for you, Reach out to Dr. M. Muthukumar

For someone who has been the face of acupuncture, both medically and on television, Dr M Muthukumar is surprisingly open about his ‘art’, “I have been doing this for 28 years now and I still believe that there is much to be achieved,” he says with a smile. After an exceptionally well-received paper on his research about ‘diabetes treatment with acupuncture’, presented at an acupuncture conference in the Orient last year, he has been invited to deliver the same at Jerusalem International on Integrative Medicine. “This is a great honour for me,” he says with a touch of pride and adds, “Normally they only give people 10 minutes to talk, but they have given me 20 minutes!” With over a hundred patients coming in everyday to avail treatment for various problems at Dr Muthukumar’s Institute of Acupuncture and Hospital, he still holds one principle before treating a patient, “I will not take any case that can be cured with allopathy. Only ‘failures’ come here and the results have never disappointed,” he reveals. “I was an allopathic doctor for 13 years so I know how difficult it can be to believe more in some needles than drugs and technology,” he says understandingly. Yet, faith that they will be cured, is of the essence, he adds.


He looks back on how his tryst with acupuncture came to be, almost three decades ago, “When I was a young doctor in Kumbakonam, I was at an IMA conference where an old doctor from Nagpur spoke about this medicine. I made  fun of him, because it wasn’t easy to believe that bodily ailments could be cured with bimetal needles,” he recalls. And then the doctor asked him a few questions that left him stumped, “He asked me if I knew why the heart and the small fingers hurt when a person had a heart attack and I had no answer,” he adds. This was when he first heard about meridians within the body and how pain manifested at either end – ergo the fingers and heart, which are at either end of 1 of 12 meridiens in the body, hurt. “I followed him for four months before he accepted to teach me acupuncture,” reminisces the veteran. He also says that when he began plying it as a trade, he did so for two years without accepting payment from patients, “I needed to be convinced that it worked, first,” he states honestly.

Today, a year after his Institute has begun, passing on his secrets and the knowledge that have interested young doctors, he is on the verge of reaching a much larger audience. “My online course is ready and soon any MBBS qualified person can apply for an MD course in acupuncture through my website,” he says on how the degree will be granted by Nine Needles College of TCM, Shanxi, a reputed institution. Theory and practical classes will be handled over 120 days and Dr Muthukumar will be available over video chat to mentor them.

It is astounding that he has almost cured diabetics, people on dialysis, helped people lose weight without diet or exercise and even managed hair regrowth by just planting needles in the right places and restoring homeostasis. His focus for the future lies with special children, he reveals, “I wish to conduct camps in special schools and help autistic children live normally. I have helped so many of them to even go to normal school. I now believe the time is right to help more of them when they are younger.”  – Reports Indian Express.

Contact Details

Address :

481- A, Ist Floor, Anna Salai, Nandanam,
Opp. to Thevar Statue, Chennai- 600 035
Tamil Nadu, India

Contact Numbers :

+91 – 44 – 2432 0234, 4315 0875
+91 – 94440 64553, 98419 22945

Email Id : muthuacu@gmail.com
Website : http://www.miah.in

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