Mobile Dog Training and Grooming School in Chennai

“Making your dog a pleasure to own”, is the goal that WOODSTOCK DOG TRAINING SCHOOL, sets itself with every pup and every dog that passes through the portals of its training school.

Mr. J.Rangarajan launched Woodstock Dog Training School, a premier institution in dog training in the year 1988 at Chennai, India to cater to needs of dog owners. Woodstock offers obedience training, personal protection, and grooming programs to domestic dogs, and in the last 15 years Woodstock has successfully trained over 3000 dogs of various breeds.

Committed to the cause of dog training Woodstock extended their services to their customers by offering dog-grooming services at customers’ doorstep. The “Woodstock Groomobile” was welcomed by many busy dog lover’s and has since been a runaway success in the city of Chennai . At every session, trained grooming specialists will bathe, brush and detick the dog, clean ears and eyes and clip toenails if required. They also extend a wide range of services to keep your dog clean, odor free and healthy.

In the year 2003 Woodstock went global by opening a branch at Chicago , USA which is offering services similar to those in Chennai. This move has given Woodstock the global reach required to provide services to wider strata of the dog lover’s community.

Apprentice Program

This Smooth Collie retrieves an obedience dumb...

Woodstock Dog Training School now offers a two year Apprentice Program to a select few who will undergo extensive training under the direct supervision of Master trainer J. Rangarajan. Selected candidates will receive a monthly stipend and at the end of the two years training can open their own dog training business and Woodstock will help them to establish themselves.

This program gives you the opportunity to work with all types of dogs including pure bred and cross bred and dogs with different temperaments, age group etc. The scope is limitless.

Apprentice vacancies are limited.

Franchise opportunity

WOODSTOCK – Pioneers in the field of Dog Training & Grooming services offers you this once in a life time opportunity to be a part of their winning team. You serve the Canine friends in your neighbourhood and earn handsomely. Woodstock will train you and put you in your own business and will also support you and help you succeed.

There are no special qualifications and all you need is to be a animal lover and enjoy working with dogs. This opportunity is available for the whole of India.

Contact Details


Woodstock Dog Training School
New no. 8/G/H (old no. 23/G&H)
2nd floor
Dhandapani Street
T. Nagar, Chennai – 600017
Telephone : 91 – 44 – 24361569
J. Rangarajan Mobile: 93813-81882, 98848-31890
Santosh Mobile: 93813-81883

Woodstock Dog Training School
21, Spinning Wheel Road, #10 D
Hindsdale, IL 60521

Call +1 312 330 8336


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