Crowning Glory – Full Lace Wigs

Flashback: 1950. A tea-time chat with your neighbour and they would tell you that for them wigs were mostly an aesthetic necessity.

Flash forward: 2012. With the likes of Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry sporting them, wigs are now celebrated accessories. Just imagine the dramatic change in time where the same element that was a secret possession in one’s wardrobe is now openly flaunted and has even been the recipient of some creativity!

There is no faster way to change and dramatise your look than an extended/new hairstyle.

Have a look at Beyonce’s gorgeous mane. With the kind of hair products that go into styling a star’s hair everyday, is it surprising that most of them wear wigs, and why not?

On the other side you have the likes of Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry who have not only become creative with new wig styles, but also with colours! Bring on the pop pinks, blues and purples.

The most important trend with regards to wigs this year would be the style of a full lace wig. Full lace-wigs have lace throughout the unit unlike front lace-wigs. This allows the wearer to part the hair throughout the hair instead of just at the hairline. Anyone who would like to wear high ponytails should purchase a full lace wig.

This type of wig is an intricately designed cap created entirely from lace. Each strand of hair is individually hand tied to the lace giving the realistic appearance of a scalp. You can choose a wig color closest to your actual hair.

However, if you choose to wear a wig, it is important that you wear one of an extremely good quality. You need to make it a part of your complete ensemble and not let it stick out like a sore thumb. So while natural colours are easier to style and pull off, while experimenting with colors, make sure they work with your ensemble for that day. In other words, make sure your outfit is equally dramatic. Let it be your look for the day. Do not make it a daily habit to wear a coloured wig. It would just lose its charm unless you are in show biz! And why just stay with volume wigs when you can now get beautiful and very natural-looking plaits in the market?

Add this to your already existing mane, decorate it with some jewels and you get an Indian slant on this hair accessory! So, step out in style this season without getting stuck in a style rut.

Where to get this?

Check out Naturals Unisex salons

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  1. Crowning Glory – Full Lace Wigs is very interesting post and i really enjoyed this.Thanks for sharing.

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