Fruit of Cashew, Cashew Apple Can Turn into Cash with Minimum Investment

Remember the tongue tickling cashew fruit, Cashew apple, which is usually thrown away after taking the nut, can be converted into value added products that can generate good income with minimal investment.

“On an average, 35 tonnes of cashew apple are wasted every year. We can produce about 8 lakh litres of alcohol worth Rs 1,000 crore. The alcohol can be used as substitute for oil imported into the country,” said V.P. Poty, principal scientist, CEPC Laboratory and Technical Division.


The apples can be converted into flakes by drying them in direct sun. If the apples are cut into small pieces and dried for about 48 hours, the dark stiff pieces have no water but are full of alcohol. A fine paste can then be made with machines, and in 24 hours, can be dried to become flakes, he added.

A minimal investment in the sector can make a mobile distillery unit which can supply all time alcohol for industry purposes. State government is looking forward to use the technology for cashew farmers and self help groups of areas where cashew is cultivated.

One litre of cashew alcohol can be made by spending less than Rs 20. At present, under proof alcohol (up to 45 % alcohol) costs around `500.

Cashew apple juice is used to make value added products like jam, jelly, wine, squash and candies. These flakes can bring more money since alcohol is a major constitute of the plastic industry, distilleries, the pharmaceutical industry and to make bio diesel.

The CEPC, in association with the Kerala Agricultural University and Special Office for Cashew, Kollam is organizing a two day training program on Value Addition of Cashew Apple at Cashew Bhavan, Kollam on February 16 and 17 for farmers and SHG members.

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  1. said hamis linjembwa

    with cashewnut shells, there is large amount of fuel oil that comes out especially when you burn it. is there anything can be done on this ?

  2. I want the full information of cashew apple uses,value added products & about the processing unit investment especially for this. Pls give the information about this.

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