Designer Restaurant Influence, A Place for Exotic Vegetarian Food

Summer is not only the time to unwind and escape to the deep woods but also to eat good, authentic food in a relaxed manner and soothing ambience. ‘Influence’, Chennai’s fine designer restaurant, serves exotic vegetarian lunch buffet, which is pocket-friendly.

To whet the appetite of our north Indian brethren and to initiate Chennaiites into good north Indian vegetarian delicacies, ‘Influence’ dishes out tasty, pure, cuisine which satisfies even a connoisseur of food.

One needs to enjoy the atmosphere while eating and so India’s ace designer, Manish Malhotra, has brought to life the best backdrop which is contemporary yet traditional with luxurious and elegant touches to add colour to the restaurant, making people enjoy food and ambience at one stroke.

Kedar Singh, chef ‘Influence’, said the carefully chosen menu focuses on authentic north Indian vegetarian cuisine and the ambience exemplifies the exemplary taste of north Indian cuisine. ‘Influence’ offers a great gastronomic fare bringing alive the tastes of north India in an attractive ambience while satiating the palettes.

‘Influence’ has won the popular Times Food Award for 2009 and 10.

Influence Restaurant Picks

Bharvan Dahi kebab

Spinach and chickpea salad

Spinach crepes served with a tasty cream sauce

Carrot cake slathered in mascarpone

Chocolate cake infused with Baileys



Rs. 2,000 for two.  Note that portions are far from generous.


14, Cosmic Building,
1st Floor,
Khader Nawaz Khan Road,

Phone: 42143051

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  1. Vegan AND tasty, I can certainly appreciate that 🙂

  2. well , this vegetarian tips is so great 😀
    i like the way you explain it, it’s so detailed and logically works

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