Watch out : Fake Interviews

Of  late, we have come across instances of interviews being conducted in the name of big companies. The modus operandi seems to be collecting money in the form of procedures such as medical tests, fitness certificate etc.  We, at Chennai Focus, want to alert job seekers to verify with the concerned company’s HR department before proceeding with the interview. Also be doubly aware if the interview is conducted elsewhere and not in the company official address or in other cities. Read on to know about a specific case we came across..

The person was contacted by a so-called Finance Manager and was asked to proceed to Bangalore for an interview in a multinational company located in Chennai.  The contact person assured the travel expenses will be reimbursed and the company executive, a foreigner, having come from a trip abroad is taking interviews in Bangalore on the way. The person was interviewed by someone else as the supposed foreign executive was busy. He was offered a job and was asked to take a medical test in Bangalore the coming week as a part of the procedure.  The candidate was promised reimbursement of medical and travel expenses once the medical test was over.

The candidate incidentally planned to use his credit card to use for the medical expenses upfront as the hospital referred for medical test was a leading hospital chain. Further when the date of medical test was confirmed, he informed the people on the other end that he would be paying by credit card which was strongly turned down. He was also informed that the hospital would be chosen by them and the money should be paid in cash.

The candidate got suspicious and called the HR department of the MNC only to know that no interviews were conducted and no vacancy exists in the company.  He was lucky enough to escape with the time spent in travelling and attending the interview and ticket money.

Hope this serves as an eye opener and helps genuine job seekers from getting lured into non-existent lucrative jobs, loss of money and disappointment.

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  1. There so many lame people out there to cheat ,, sad but true
    we must be awake
    good post 🙂

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