Interesting Survey Result – Unmarried Indian Woman wants to Live With In-law Post Marriage

An interesting survey by a leading matrimonial site revealed an interesting phenomenon. The modern Indian unmarried women wants to stay with the in-law  after marriage and learn from their experience and guidance. The participants were drawn from the metro and non-metro regions and the same was seen as  a result from both the respondents. An interesting survey result indeed. Chennaifocus requests readers to contribute their opinions in this topic..

The 21st century Indian woman prefers to stay with her in-laws after marriage, as opposed to setting up a home on her own. Whether this is some kind of retro-progressive school of thought or a simple vote in favour of good old practicality, is something only social scientists can reveal.

A recent survey conducted by reveals that 80 per cent of girls prefer to stay with their in-laws after marriage. The finding is contrary to the belief that the new age young women are independent in nature and want privacy in their life.

The sentiments revealed are similar for metro and non-metro respondents. The main reason cited by the respondents is that in-laws are like their own parents and one can gain a lot from their experience and guidance.

The survey saw participation of 2000 girls and it is interesting to note that there is just a marginal difference in the preference trends of girls in metros, compared to girls in non-metros – 78 per cent of girls in metros and 81per cent of girls in non-metros opt to live with their in-laws.

Among men, 88 per cent of them responded positively to living with their parents after marriage.

The survey was conducted among self-registered female users of residing in metros and non metros.

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  1. Very interesting! Nice to know that family values are still very important in India and that sophisticated women anyway appreciate the family and try to stay more conservative. I think that it’s our authentic feature and it’s nice to keep it.

  2. nice matrimonial website – every man can join for marriage this site

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