Lending Books at your Doorsteps, An Applaud Worthy Initiative to Promote Reading Habit Among Chennaiites

Though television, internet rule the entertainment section today, very few of us get to know the information we seek from these media giants. Try searching the internet on specific topic and each one of us would have clicked open at least 10 sites ( depends on the topic ) before landing on a page on that topic we might consider partially relevant and getting to what we need to the point is another story of click, open and close. Talking about television, we are spoon fed on the information that the respective channels decide as being viewers friendly. Well, who decides this factor, we have no clue.

Going 25 years back  when we had no internet and television, did we face information black out?  The answer is No. Books, magazines and newspapers were instrumental in bringing the world to our doorsteps.  Fundamentals of this society was built on the habit of reading but economic growth, modernization and urbanization has changed the lifestyles of people. With the shift from a gradual, peaceful lifestyle, today life has become complex  with stress in every aspect of life, for everyone. These lifestyle changes and tight schedule of routines have made a paradigm shift in the regular habits of people with reading habit suffering the worst.

A simple research among people revealed to us the interest of people towards reading books and magazines but the bottleneck was in reaching a library to pick up the books and returning it back.  Many of us would have also paid more than the cost of the book for retaining the book past its due date.  Here’s a Library dedicated to support and promote reading habit, by offering you all the conveniences that you look for.

 Many research conducted have come up with findings that Reading is the most important activity in the development of Brain and Children need it the most. But this is one habit that is pushed behind with technological inventions. Reading books in natural light with proper ventilation, makes the mind healthy, protects the vision. Reading is one of the greatest stress-buster, and it improves mental stamina, breeds creativity, improves vocabulary and language.

  • Today, with the patronage of more than 500 Book-lovers across Chennai, this library is growing consistently, offering Great VALUE-FOR-MONEY for its Members.
  • You can order books online, get FREE Delivery and Pickup of books at your home.
  • You can browse books classified into categories like Children Books with age-wise category, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Biography, Management, Self-Improvement, Health & Fitness, Humor, Travelogue etc. Get brief description about books, search by author name or book name.
  • The library lends both  English and Tamil books
  • Access to Magazines like Frozen Thoughts, Forbes India, Fortune India, Femina, Good Housekeeping, Parenting, Prevention India, Outlook Business, Outlook Profit, BBC Knowledge etc.
  • Since this organisation is dedicated to revive the reading habit, it allows you to hold a book up to a maximum of one month, which sounds a decent time to complete.

Areas Covered 

This library service is available in all major areas throughout Chennai, you can check with them for the service location.

Annual Subscription Charges

You can choose the plans of your choice, which are customized to the needs of various audience.

Starter Plan – 1 book at a time  Rs. 366

Avid Reader – 2 books at a time Rs. 499

Family pack –  3 books at a time Rs. 750

Note: Standard components Registration Fee & Refundable deposit (Nominal charges)

* Please confirm the subscription rates from the library at the time of enrolling as the library offers are run to encourage more readers to join this initiative


Register online at www.readersclub.co.in

Payment options available and Delivery of Books

Net-banking, Debit / Credit Card, or Cash or Cheque

You can get delivery of books within 24-48 hours, for orders received by 0600 p.m. cut-off time.

For Further Details

Log on to www.readersclub.co.in or contact Mr.Sethuraman at 64555511 / 99621 00032.


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  1. Wow.. Great initiative.

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