Interested in Volunteering Towards a Social Cause? Read on…

How many times have we come across a situation where we intend to do something towards it and yet do not know how to. “Thedifference between an out stretched palm and a helping hand, is the flick of the wrist”. if your interest is towards contributing your time and effort towards a social cause,  here is an interesting opportunity.  Chennai Volunteers endeavors towards promoting  volunteering and facilitates volunteering opportunities.

Chennai Volunteers (CV) is a social organisation that promotes the values of volunteering, while building and reinforcing volunteer networks in Chennai.  CV facilitates the process of bridging the gap between the citizens of Chennai and  credible nonprofit organizations with their relevant causes, while enhancing the experience of volunteers simultaneously.

CV plans to leverage the online medium with a dynamic web portal. Visitors while in Chennai, as volunteers, can find various opportunities to share and care, members can find local/international partners and NGOs can share resources and exchange best practices, 24×7.


In three simple steps, CV:

  1. Facilitates Volunteerism
  2. Assists NGOs
  3. Drives Attitude Change

 Why Chennai Volunteers?

As a volunteer, looking for suitable volunteer opportunity, we often face lack of clarity about NGO’s & volunteering. Some questions that we seek answers for:

Are they legitimate? Will they ask me for money? Will I need to give time more than what I have? Is the NGO far away? Will NGO ask me to do work which I do not wish to do? Do I have to possess any particular skills to be able to volunteer? What is in it for me?

 If someone is very interested, today he or she has to do a lot of research and take some chances. CV has done the ground work already. Be it the organization, the volunteer or an institute, CV is a portal which will connect all together, creating a benefitting situation and a satisfactory feeling for all.

 What you can do as a Chennai Volunteer?

Volunteering is the practice of people working for others or a particular cause without payment for their time and services. Volunteering, along with the right intentions, does not have to be a difficult task anymore. You can extend your support in many ways:

  1. Skilled support – like medico, psycho social, counseling, teaching, care giver etc. You could use your career / livelihood skills to your benefit here.
  2. Recreational – Spending time with the children or old people, story telling, teaching them dance, paint, theatre, etc. You don’t have to possess any skills but carry your heart full of love to want to spread and share joy and fun.
  3. Administration, Management and Operational activities for the organization. One does not always have to spend time with the beneficiary directly to volunteer. You could also support the organization in their Admin chores, so that they can focus on the cause they support.
  4. Fundraising, Event Management and Marketing. A constant need for all the small and big organization, in able to sustain their cause.
  5. Promote the cause, promote volunteerism and mobilize friends, family and neighbors. Where you are too pressed with time and other commitments, you could play the silent volunteer by just talking about the cause and sharing the messages.

How will CV support?

CV supports, facilitates and makes volunteering easy for you.

Be it a click away online, or organizing you on the grounds, CV helps you by:

  • Matching your skills with the volunteering requirements
  • Matching your interests with the Volunteering Opportunities
  • Create an online platform for connecting with fellow volunteers
  • Create opportunities to celebrate any special occasion like B’days etc, with our NGO partners and their beneficiaries.
  • Creates opportunities for remote skilled volunteering

 How you can become a Chennai Volunteer

 By following these simple steps:

  1.  Log on to, or sign into our Face Book page : – and email us.
  2. CV will email you a Volunteer Information form. Once you fill in the same and mail it back to CV, CV will guide you through the voluntary requirements at the various NGOs.
  3. You can find volunteering opportunities according to your interest, time availability and NGO preference
  4. Go through an orientation on the interested activity / NGO
  5. Know your focal NGO coordinator, and get into action
  6. After completion, provide Chennai Volunteers with your valuable feedback and continue volunteering

Or just send CV an email and CV will guide you through.


Chennai Volunteer

49 Eldams road, Chennai – 600 018

T: +91 44 66097766, F: +91 44 66097710



Facebook –

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  1. Hi! I want to volunteer. kindly send me the Volunteer Information Form. Thank you.

  2. I like this news … my interest for help to others& care to others

  3. Dinesh Babu Mannu

    I would like to do social activities

    • hi all, I am yoga from Hello Media regarding my event organization at Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai. I am doing a awareness program about Yoga, Mudras, Mind, Thinking and much more on 21.06.2016 International Yoga Day. This event is specially designed for school children, parents and teacher. I want your support to do my best with all of you. if you are interested plz replay me. Contact me @ 9941773777 / 9941773776

  4. Hi i would like to serve in our society so kindly inform me how to joint .

  5. How old do we have to be to volunteer?

  6. I may be interested. Pl mail info on your activities.

  7. Hello..!!
    Am interested in helping the people to the extent I can. Please do reply me soon. Awaiting for your reply

  8. Hai .!!

    I willing to help those who are in need.(POOR CHILDREN).Awaiting for your reply

  9. Hi, please contact me Or send me an email on what you are actually looking in regards to counselling and caregiver
    Awaiting fr Ur reply .

  10. I am good in Hindi and English but i am pregnant, i am interested to teach

  11. Hi My son interested in social service, he is doing 11th Std in SBOA, CBSE, please advise, what activities, he can help/assist with. He can do this service during his week end off. Richard, UAE

  12. Hi ! I am studying b.e (3rd yr) I very much interested in doing help to others please help me to how to join in this social activities, thank you.

  13. I want to join dis volunters group.i would like to help please tell me process to join in dis group

  14. Hi, I would like to have details of the opportunities.I have a six year old child so I would like to dedicate my spare time in themornings for the same.

  15. I personally have gathered some college students ,v all wish to do somwthing good fr the needy .. Atmost we can do only the funding by donating how much ever money we r able ro donate a month ..
    i have planned to bring up this campaign to show students how happy one can b by donating and making the needy happy ..
    We want to do it as a group …
    Do we get any support from ur organisation for this kinda matter !! i will mail u in detail later on …

  16. i wanted to join in your org..

  17. Hi Team..,

    Your are doing a great job… i also like join in your organization…

    Thanks & Best Regards

  18. I am interested in volunteer work in teaching

  19. I want to b a part of this NGO as a Volunteer…

  20. Hi! sir. I am uma I help with people so interesting plz join with you thank you

  21. All who are interested in volunteering, please check this page


  22. Is it mandatory to be able to speak Tamil to join this organization?

  23. Hi! Sir/Madam…
    I am Uma I Help with people very interest ..Can I join with your team please…. Thank you
    Mobile No: 9042980602

  24. Hi sir, I want to volunteer, my interested help to people, I am sathish, my num 9626146141 pls kindly sent to volunteer form pls

  25. i am 58 years young lady ,i can teach yoga ,and spoken english .from porur chennai.I would like to join in your organization

  26. Hi. I’m MEENASUNDAR. I always wanna volunteer for social causes. I work in an MNC right now and i dont like the way things move here. i wanna make difference. is there any way tat i can get a full time job in serving for the social cause. kindly pls guide me through this. i’m submitting my contact details here. ID – ., Mob – 07502607548.

  27. sir im interested pls call me 9444459555

  28. I m a handicapped person.i m interested to voluntry work ?how can i find a work with u people?

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