Chennai Corporation Urges Residents to Part with Plastic Waste to Relay Roads

The trash in your kitchen has now acquired value. To encash it, all you need to do is segregate the plastic waste at home and sell it to the Chennai Corporation for as much as Rs 20 a kg. They want it for relaying the battered roads in the city. If you are wondering how to hand over the plastic waste to Chennai corporation, Wait for the advertisements. As of now, we have no idea how the plastic waste is collected except that few ward offices and government buildings carry a bin for plastic waste.

The Chennai Corporation is urging residents to part with their plastic waste. It has so far collected just 100 tonnes of plastic waste,while about 800 tonnes are required to relay roads in the city. The corporation now plans to take out advertisements and make appeals through the electronic media to create awareness about the drive. The city generates about 300 tonnes of plastic waste every day.

Since January 5, when the laying of plastic-coated bituminous roads began, the civic body has been urging residents to hand over segregated plastic waste to conservancy workers at their doorstep. Special bins, particularly for plastic waste, were installed in all 200 wards. “We are getting more plastic than we did a few weeks earlier, but we require a lot more,” said commissioner P W C Davidar.

The collection drive in the old zones has not gone too well either. “Asof now,we collect about two-three tonnes twice a week from eight zones,” said Davidar.  The commissioner stressed the need for good quality, thin plastic. “We need plastic that is 40 microns thick, which in layman’s terms means carry bags,” he said.

The civic body has been buying plastic at 20 per kg from private manufacturers. Now, it is planned to increase awareness among the public. “We are doing our bit through the media, and requesting councillors andofficers to speak to residents. We are also thinking of starting announcements and putting out advertisements through the radio and other media,” said Davidar.

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