Pride of Hoisting our National Flag, Honesty Gets its Due

It pays to be honest and that’s what 12-year-old E. Saran Kumar of Karnataka Sangha Higher Secondary School realised when the school management asked him to be the chief guest at the Republic Day function. Initially, everyone thought he was accompanying the invitees and school officials to the podium. But, it turned out to be a sweet surprise, when school headmistress K. Kusuma Ramakrishnan asked him to unfurl the national flag.

Later, he was honoured in front of his parents. What earned him the honour and a shower of praise was his honesty. Two days ago, the standard VII student was playing with his friends in the school ground when he saw a wallet with wads of currency in it, along with a PAN card and a debit card. Without thinking even for a second, Saran Kumar picked it up and ran towards the headmistress’ room and handed it over to her.

It became apparent that the owner of the wallet, a lawyer staying near the school, had entered the premises to visit a temple located in a corner. Ms. Ramakrishnan immediately called the advocate and enquired whether he had lost any valuable item.

Initially unaware that he had lost his wallet, he was surprised to learn that a student had found it and handed it over to the school authorities. While appreciating Saran Kumar, School Correspondent, P.L. Achar asked him what he thought when he saw the wallet. Pat came the reply: “My mother has told me that I should not covet other people’s property and I just followed it. I want all students to be honest. My ambition is to become a Collector.”

It was a double delight for him as he was honoured in front of his parents and had the opportunity to hoist the flag. He would remember this day for a long time to come, said his mother. The headmistress appreciated Kumar for preserving the school’s image and investing the small sum he got as a reward from the lawyer in a savings bank account. She said Kumar should be seen as a role model for other students.

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