Let us Give Other Sports Persons a Chance

India is home to many sports and surprisingly the national sport of India is Hockey. Just as we have a country capital, New Delhi and a commercial, business, entertainment capital in Mumbai, we have a national sport hockey and a popular sport Cricket. No, this post is not against Cricket or Cricket fans but a reminder about the other sports and sports persons struggling to get their recognition after consistent hard work and least support.  We decided to write this post when we came across a sportsperson lamenting about lack of sponsorship to buy shoes to participate in national level championship. Yes, the person lacks funds to have his basic necessities addressed to play for the state. Naturally our thoughts turned towards the  sportsmen  earning in lakhs and crores by way of sponsors. Why is it that  certain sports are given more exposure and other sports ignored?  Everyone of us has watched the street performers aka gypsies walking on the tied rope with ease. Wouldn’t these people make good gymnasts if we trained them right ?

 Tamilnadu is already a home to many international level sportsmen and women and let us give them the recognition and show that we respect them and acknowledge their contribution to Tamilnadu and India.

Let us Know Few of  Our Sport Stars

Sharat kamal, India’s no.1 table tennis player  achieved the career best World Ranking of 39 as of 1st August, 2010, the best international ranking by any Indian. He has won National Championship for the FIFTH TIME , his fourth consecutive National Title and has been India No. 1 for the past seven years.

Ilavazhagi’s is a classic inspirational story. This Chennai girl, the world’s 2008 women’s carrom champion, braved abject poverty and official indifference to reach the very pinnacle of the game. She won the world title in France in February 2008, but in a nation caught up in heated discussions of the multi-crore IPL auction, her triumphant homecoming went unnoticed. The two-time SAARC champion and the 2006 World Cup winner finally got a fillip when the State government announced a Rs 10 lakh cash prize for her after her interviews in the media. Several other players who have made a mark in the carrom game at the state, national and international levels includes Maria Irudayam, world men’s champion in 1991 and 1995, and Revathy, who won the world women’s title in 1995.

Viswanathan Anand brought Chess in the front pages and brought recognition to the game of Chess. Many international grandmaster, international master,  grandmaster came from Tamilnadu. Check out Wikipedia and you will see a big list including Aarthie Ramaswamy, female Grandmaster and under-18 girls’ World Chess champion.

A Rainbow in the Dark Sky

Tamil Nada Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has declared that a number of measures that will be taken in support of promoting and aiding the sports facilities in her part of the region. She said that this is being done keeping the Olympics as well as other sporting events around the globe in mind and that she wanted India’s athletes win as many medals as possible.

Center of Excellence in Sports to be opened in Chennai

For starters, a Center of Excellence in sports will be opening in Chennai. This center would be for children aged 10-14 and in training them with complete facilities, equipments, trainers and everything else that may be needed to groom the young children in this field. She wants to make sure India has blooming athletes who, after being trained from the institute, will represent the country at both national and international levels.

There will be a special scheme that will be followed and five sports men and women will get trained under the scheme. In terms of figures, the government will be spending Rs. 1.25 crore per annum for scientific training, nutrition and food, world-class equipment. These all will aid in producing the best sportsmen and women who will confidently promote India on an international basis.

The Chief minister  said that there will be 25 promising boys and 25 girls who will be privileged to train in the center of excellence. They will be provided with all the sportswear, education in the best schools, training under qualified coaches, above all the guidance and training. The government will also provide them with a modern gymnasium, chances for them to compete in International Sporting Events as well as encourage rigorous training methods. The performance of the athletes will also be highly encouraged. The prize money for the Tamilnadu sports persons who win medals in the Olympics, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games and South Asian Games will be a substantial amount.

This is great news for athletes in Tamilnadu and it would equally good to see them excel at something else besides academics.

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  1. honest post… i am sure everyone will agree with this including cricket lovers like me… in a democratic country like ours, shouldn’t every sportperson be treated equally?

  2. What an stupid post this is. When Geet Sethi returned back to India after winning world championship there was not even one media person in the airport, WHY should I bother about it? Every one knows Deepika Padukone how many of us know her Father Prakash Padukone? Sport persons from many small towns are not considered at all. But I feel these things are very very insignificant compared to Dhoni having about 24 motorbikes, each one is costing over Rs. 10 Lacs. Cricket alone is sports,YOU stupid people. All other sports are not sports.

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