Korean Food Anyone? Try In Seoul Restaurant

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Chennai is known for its thayir-saadam but is also home of many cuisines including a Korean restaurant. For the foodies looking for change in their menu, In Seoul restaurant has good number of delectable dishes to offer. Are the Chennai foodies listening?

Read on to know more…

The restaurant is not placed in a easy to recognize place but  carelessly placed on top of a supermarket.  Before starting off to figure our menu for the day, Start out with the complimentary starters. There is always 5-6 different small dishes (banchan)  both veg and non-veg. Make sure to ask them about it and I am sure you will find seaweed based dishes along with veggie and non veg snacks. If you are veggie, make sure you ask them to take away the non-veg ones.

For the veggies, Try out the Soondubuchigae: steaming bean curd stew with veggies served in a stone pot. This comes with a small serving of steam cooked rice. As unlikely as it seems, this tofu soup is a favourite of mine.

If you like the meal kind of food, try out the bibimbap (Korean meal). This consists of servings of rice, egg, veggies and a spicy sauce.  Make sure to choose your spices as per your taste.  A wholesome meal to address your longing for variety food.

Try out the glass noodles at In Seoul. Expect a sweet sticky plain tasting noodles to experiment the taste.  If you are a meat lover, there are plenty of options for you. Their beef bulgogi is very popular. They also have an extensive sea-food menu. Have a glass ofsoju to round-up the experience.

If you are new to Korean food,  the menu will be greek and latin. As always with new cuisines,  ask the waiter for his suggestions.


Rs.400 per person for a decent meal.


530 (S149 & 150), TTK Road, Alwarpet, Chennai (Above the More supermarket)
Phone: 43009521, 24353377

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