SBIOA Institute Offers Conversational English, Hindi, Tamil Diploma Courses by Correspondence

Communicating properly plays a vital role in creating the first impression. More so in the Indian context, where communicating fluently in English or Hindi takes you farther ahead career-wise. For those seeking jobs in most States in the country, knowledge of Hindi is an added advantage. Today, opportunities are aplenty for people who have a good command over Hindi and English.

Keeping these in mind, the State Bank of India Officers’ Association (SBIOA) Institute, Chennai, has been conducting courses in spoken Hindi and spoken English through correspondence. The courses are designed for part-time learners too as they incorporate easy-to-use printed self-study books, audio CDs, graded question sets and response sheets for self evaluation. A six-month duration course comprises as many personal contact programmes — and telephonic guidance is available too — to help students acquire communication skills, both written and oral.

For its January 2012 session, the institute invites applications for the following six-month diploma courses: Conversational Hindi (Tamil and English medium), Conversational English (Hindi and Tamil medium) and Conversational Tamil (Hindi medium). The course fee will be Rs. 1,750 each.

Personal contact programmes are conducted on Sundays every month in Chennai, Tiruchi, Madurai, Coimbatore, Nagapattinam, Pondicherry and Thanjavur between 10 Am and 5 PM (Lunch will be provided by the Institute in the venue). Candidates unable to attend the PCPs can contact the respective centres in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi respectively.

End of term exams will be conducted in June and successful candidates will be awarded diplomas. Examination centers will be Chennai, Tiruchi, Madurai, Coimbatore, Nagapattinam, Pondicherry,Thanjavur, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi.

Interested candidates may write to the SBIOA Institute, 229, NSC Bose Road, Chennai 600 001, indicating the course they wish to register for, along with a demand draft/local cheque for Rs. 250 drawn in favour of the SBIOA Institute, Chennai, and a self-addressed envelope plus postage stamps worth Rs.15. Please do not affix the stamps, keep them inside the self addressed envelope. Please mention the medium of instruction  ( Hindi/ Tamil / English) on the envelope.

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  1. I am interested to join conversational course in hindi.
    when is the next admission session. Can you provide me the details

    • It seems u r interested in the course.the next session will commence on july 2012.if u want to get admission pl enclose an dd for 250rs in favour of SBIOA Institute,Chennai.

  2. Hi,
    one of my friends told me sbioa is giving 6 month hindi course.Can you please help me to get join…Im so interested to learn hindi.Revert me ASAP.Thanks.

  3. sir, i want to join in ur sbioa institute to learn hindi.. so pls could u give me the admission details???

  4. In today maganize, i read about this hindi course. I need full information in how to apply…
    Is there any official website for this studies in SBIOA?
    Reply me please

  5. Are diploma/certificates provided by SBIOA Institute recognised?

  6. Sir
    I understand that the Hindi conversational course already commenced in July,13. I wish to join the course. Pl. inform me the commencement of the next program.

  7. I would like to join in conversational Hindi course.where will be the contact class in chennai?

  8. When will diploma in English conversational course starts

  9. C.Vivekanandan

    I am and my sons are interested to join conversational course in hindi.
    when is the next admission session. Please be provide me the details.

  10. Myself and my wife want to learn hindi,pl enroll in the ensuing prog.P.Jayakumar 9444550675

  11. sir! i want to join conversational hindi course. i didn”t find any new posts this year. can i apply?

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