Now Legal Help is Available Online

Hrishikesh Datar, an alumnus of the National Law School, Bangalore, founded technical help from Karthik Kolli from IIT-Madras and Tech Garuda, a boutique IT firm in Chennai) following an interaction at IIM-Bangalore that addressed the need for a comprehensive portal to address legal needs.

“Anyone who has ever had a tryst with the law, however brief, knows how complicated the entire process is. First you need to look long and hard to find the right lawyer. When you finally do, you need to visit his/her office every time you need even basic legal assistance. locks horns with this problem directly. You can finish simple legal tasks without leaving your desk. Renting a house, office or shop? Need to write your will? Did a cheque issued to you bounce? Fill an interactive and easy-to-use questionnaire and your rental agreement, will or even legal notice comes sailing to you in a nice, sealed envelope.”

Certainly, the urban middle class continues to be the target of modern entrepreneurship ventures. We are dependent on the law multiple times and often have to tackle a highly ‘complex and expensive system.’ This is one earnest attempt at making the operation affordable, pleasant and minimal.

How it helps?

It addresses simple questions concerning the law and eases the gap between the law and the common man.

Fee per query: Rs.149.



Vakilsearch Legal Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
F-97, 4th Floor, Anna Nagar East,
Chennai – 600102
PHONE    +91 978 989 6023

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  1. Happy to these improvements :)/DeepaK

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