Kurukshetra 2012 International Level Techno Management Fest

 The students of College of Engineering, Guindy, who in association with infrastructure power house Akshaya Homes started an earnest campaign, “Let’s invest back in India; Be the Change!” as a social initiative of Kurukshetra 2012, the annual Technical Festival of College of Engineering, Guindy, scheduled to be held from February 1 to 4.

Kurukshetra 2012 -‘The Battle Of Brains’ is an International Techno-Management Festival of College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University under the patronage of UNESCO. The team’s passion for quality and excellence has earned them the privilege of being the first ever student organized event to be bestowed with the UNESCO patronage.

The techno-management fest of CEG Anna University Chennai, Kurukshetra true to its tagline, “The Battle Of Brains”, has become synonymous with the yearly clash of the best of the student world. With around 25,000+ participants from over 800+ institutions spanning 80+ countries. Prize Worth 1 Million!!!

Brain drain

The initiative was aimed at contemplating the issue of brain drain and also to encourage Indians studying and working abroad to return and invest their talent and resources for the betterment of the nation and people. The campaign kicked off on Sunday at Express Avenue Mall with over 60 students of C.E.G’s Kurukshetra 2012 team who made their presence felt by singing various patriotic anthems.

During the course of the day, BIG FM’s RJ Ophelia, better known as Imsai Arasi and Dr. Kamala Selvaraj, Director of GG Hospitals, enlightened the audience on how the society we live in is as important to us as we are to it by recounting their personal experiences and choices. Later in the evening, lyricist and professor Dr. Madhan Karky encouraged students to follow their dreams and expressed his faith that their dreams would be for the betterment of the country. Singer Chinmayi also shared her views on the issue and enthralled the crowd with a song. A flash mob at the venue and a variety show by Spartanz ended the event on a high note.


The students of the organising committee said that they saw an unusually large number of Indian companies, which worked for foreign clients, during the campus placement. This made them realise the diabolic extent of brain drain in the country and the lakhs of skilled students who have been lost over the years. Chitty Babu, Chairman & C.E.O, of Akshaya Homes, and added, “When our country offers the best facilities of education and jobs, why work elsewhere?” The Kurukshetra 2012 team plans to visit 250 colleges across the country for their signature campaign in the next month and encourage students to sign the pledge of studying and working in India and ultimately bring about the change the country deserves.


Kode Multus
Onsite Programming
Aero Modelling
Rumble in the junk
Fun Trivia
Day Events
Paper Presentation
K! Open Quiz
College Biz Quiz
How Stuff Works
Scitech Quiz
Angry Bots
Designer’s Quest
Image Processing
Robo Wars
Think Tank
Math Modelling
Tug of Tycoons
K! Idol
Biz Plan
Chaos Theory
K! Millionaire


Riveting-Lecture series
Engrossing- workshops
Enthralling K!arnival
Inventive K!projects

Online Events


Online Programming

Riddles of the Sphinx
Dalal Bull
K! Apps
K! Mad

College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University
01 Feb 2012 to 04 Feb 2012
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