Authentic Indian Food and The Plantain Leaf

Cousine in India

The unforgettable aroma of India is not just the heavy scent of jasmine and roses, it is also the fragrance of spices so important to Indian cooking especially to preparing curry. Broadly speaking, meat dishes are more common in the North. Mughlai cuisine is rich creamy, deliciously spiced and liberally sprinkled with nuts and saffron.

The essence of good Indian cooking revolves around the appropriate use of mixed aromatic spices. Base ingredients of such mixed spices are elements such as coriander, cumin, turmeric, red pepper, nutmeg, mustered, saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger powder etc. the skill lies in the subtle blending of these spices to enhance rather than overwhelm the basic flavour of a particular dish. These spices act as appetizers and digestives.

The Indian cuisine boasts of an immense variety not restricted to only curry. An authentic Indian curry is an intricate combination of a stir-fried Masala – a mixture of onion, garlic, ginger, and tomatoes; various spices and seasonings with which meat; poultry, vegetables or fish is prepared to produce a stew-type dish. Note: the word Masala also means spice.

Food in India is wide-ranging in variety, taste and flavour. Being so diverse geographically, each region has its own cuisine and style of preparation. Indian cuisine, renowned for its exotic gravies seems complicated for any newcomer. The Mughlai cuisine of North differs sharply from the preparations of the south. The Wazwan style of Kashmir is luxurious but the same can be said about Bengal’s Macher Jhol, Rajasthan’s Dal Bati, Uttar Pradesh’s Kebabs and Punjab’s Sarson Ka Saag and Makki di Roti. In India, recipes are handed down from generation to generation.

The unique and strong flavours in Indian cuisine are derived from spices, seasonings and nutritious ingredients such as leafy vegetables, grains, fruits, and legumes. Most of the spices used in Indian cooking were originally chosen thousands of years ago for their medicinal qualities and not for flavour. Many of them such as turmeric, cloves and cardamoms are very antiseptic, others like ginger, are carminative and good for the digestion. All curries are made using a wide variety of spices.

In Indian cuisine, food is categorized into six tastes – sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter and astringent. A well-balanced Indian meal contains all six tastes, not always can this be accomplished. This principle explains the use of numerous spice combinations and depth of flavour in Indian recipes. Side dishes and condiments like chutneys, curries, daals and Indian pickles contribute to and add to the overall flavour and texture of a meal and provide balance needed.

Now to action

Pure Vegetarian – Authentic South Indian Treat at The Plantain Leafs. Thali meals to Thalai Vazhai Virundhu, Idly & Dosa to Vazhapoo Vada & Adai Avial, Soups, Salads, South Indian, Tandoori, North Indian, Wide range of Chats with Desserts.

Dec 27 2011 To Feb 15 2012

The Plantain Leafs – Tambaram
347/30, Muthurangam Mudhali St. W. Tambaram, Chennai

The Plantain Leafs – T. Nagar
67, G.N. Chetty Road, T. Nagar, Chennai

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  1. Shanmukasundaram

    Today just half an hour back my wife and i had meals in this restaurant at G.N. chetty street, T Nagar, Chennai. I will never forget in my life time. Very horrible. For the price of Rs.80 they charge not even worth for half of the price. Rice is not cooked and very cold. (12 noon). Sambar, rasam ad vegetables are in small cups. No one bothered to ask for sambar or rasam. In any south indian restaurant normally rasam and sambar are served hot and literally pour on the rice. When i asked for sambar they brought one more small cup. I just want to compare with Ratna cafe, Velacherry. Yesterday i had full meals there (Rs.58 only). served on full plaintain leaf (nuni ilai). Here non a/c hall and there is a/c. Otherwise quality and quality, service are far better in Ratna cafe. I request banana leaf management take care of these things and kindly do not serve uncooked rice. Very poor service. Thanks. Sundaram

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