No More Queues – MBA Admission Process Goes Online

The application process for admission to MBA courses in India has just become easier. With a common online platform termed as “The Common App”, the admission process to MBA courses has become more streamlined.

This application is developed by Info Edge, which also owns and web portals. Through this app, aspirants can apply to multiple institutes offering MBA courses in a single click.

This app is sure to make the application process easier and gives the much needed relief from standing in long queues for submitting the applications.

Info Edge has so far tied-up with various institutes offering the MBA course( some of the institutes are S.D.M Mysore, Alliance University Bangalore) and has tested the ” Common App” on a pilot basis. The company’s sources have also added that Info Edge plans to cover all major Management Institutes within the next six months. If this is done, according to the company, the admission process is set to witness a new revolution( virtual admission revolution).

One more intriguing feature that the ” Common App” provides is the provision for students to pay the application fees via Info Edge’s education portal. This eliminates the process of going to the Bank and paying the fees through drafts. This is sure a novel concept as it streamlines the entire application process and makes it easier also.

The pilot run of the ” Common App” has been highly successful and according to data, it has received a record number of registrations from the student community and also positive feedback from the student community. Students have filled up around 900 application forms so far and this number is expected to be on the raise in the coming weeks. “The Common App” interface is all set to be extended to other courses as well.

Thus, we have all got to appreciate this novel concept.

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  1. great news:P but anyhow the matter of writing an exam has to scrapped ! 😛

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