Storelf, Dial One LandLine Number and Reach A Restaurant of Your Choice

Flustered foodies can now dial a single landline to reach multiple restaurants. The next time you’re stuck with too many options to choose from or can’t seem to find the home order menu you stored away a little ‘too carefully’ — perhaps Storelf will fast track relief to those hunger pangs. Founder of this new Chennai-based service, Amrutash Misra says, “I’ve already dabbled in order-deliveries of books and movies. Food seemed like the appropriate next step.”

He explains the concept, “We call it Storelf. The idea is to play the intermediate between a customer and restaurant. We guide the person through the menu and take the order.” However, beyond the basics, Amrutash elaborates that this is an ideal ordering system for a customer who knows what he/she wants, but doesn’t exactly know where to get it from. “Given a particular area, our call centre employees can dish out not only a list of restaurants within your budget, but also entire menu of each.” All they need is a hint as to what cuisine you’re in the mood for, or the dish itself. What if it’s a large group which can’t decide on whether to go for Chinese from Besant Nagar or Tandoori off ECR? “No problem,” smiles Amrutash, “we can send out multiple orders for one person.”

Apart from their ordering service, Storelf is also intent on developing an expansive data base of customer data for the local retailers they tie up with. Says Amrutash, “Personally, I get very upset when I see a large chain coming into town and people flock ing there, leaving a restaurant they have been visiting for say 20 years or more.” In a drive to empower local retailers with a larger delivery network base, Amrutash’s philosophy is simple: Know your customer. “We will provide clients (retailers) details such as name, contact information, likes, dislikes and in the future, perhaps even specifics as personal as allergies!”

To the well-paying customers who only seek a delicious meal, Amrutash says that one value the company chooses to uphold, irrespective of restaurant, is unbiased information. “There will be ‘no upselling’ of an eatery just because we are associated with it. In fact, we even have a Fair Play Clause.”

To summarise, a comfortable tour guide of restaurants in your locality of choice — menus, prices, and even popular favourites on the list, minus the waiter in a suit.

Service Area

Storelf is currently available for services within Alwarpet, RA Puram, Adyar and Thiruvanmiyur up to ECR.


044 24462012

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