MyCityWay, City Based Mobile App for Local Information

Confused about the network of roads in Chennai? Or looking for a decent apartment to rent for in Mumbai? How many times have we found ourselves in such scenarios?  A group of three Indians has launched an urban mobility app called My City Way that changes the way we look at our cities.

MyCityWay is not a single app but a “combination of 50 apps” bundled into one. These apps cover almost everything ranging from dining, nightlife, shopping, events, attractions and much more. Based on the GPS technology, the app is crammed with the best of local information that would be useful for visitors as well as locals alike. The application also helps users to connect with their friends on Facebook to find the best places to hang out and enjoy the city.

Brainchild of three Indians, Archana Patchirajan, Puneet Mehta and Sonpreet Bhatia, this app was initially launched for 38 cities of US.  The app came under attention when it won $10000 for being “investor’s choice” and “popular choice” at the NYC BigApps competition in Feb 2010. Soon the team managed to raise $5 million in financing from BMW i Ventures, FirstMark Capital and IA Ventures.

The Indian version of MyCityWay’s smartphone (iPhone, android and Blackberry) application covers Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore and is expected to expand to other cities. The application will be available cross-platform on iPhone, iPad, Android, Nokia and Blackberry devices. The app has been acclaimed from all the users around the world and the company expects to repeat the same performance in India as well. The launch has been welcomed by multiple telecom companies and handset OEMs. The company is also in talks with these organizations about the possibilities to integrate the services at a more fundamental level. You can download the MyCityWay app from Itunes and Android marketplace.

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    Much needed application for chennai routes 🙂
    glad that you shared !

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