Chennai Trekking club – Learn Rope Knots, Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing Basics and More

CTC Educational Series – Ropes, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Jan 8th, 2-5pm

In this session you will learn

1. Learn how to join two ropes, join a rope and a stick / bamboo and how to join two bamboos, used to knots etc. Learn how to use the proper knot and proper techniques at the proper place / need so that it will last long and strong. Get basic idea of various shelters / tents and how to construct a bridge using ropes and bamboos.

2. Rock climbing / ice climbing / snow craft / rappelling – you will learn basics of all these, various equipments used, various rules to be followed, safety precautions, hazards, fitness level required etc.

3. Details of mountaineering institutes, rock climbing institutes, where there are best rocks for practising, with fotos of training areas of the best institutes in this field.


Attend the workshop with keen interest on saturday. Carry a note book, pen, 2 metre 10 mm rope (white colour rope available in hardware shops), 1 small stick (this stick is available for 1 or 2 rupees in all cloth shop – and used for rolling cloth). If you do not carry a rope and stick you will miss a lot to learn / practise. Seats are limited to 25 to 30 people only. Seats are limited in order to give better training in knots. Register now

People who are really interested in mountaineering and who are not used to knots, rock climbing etc. should not miss this opportunity.

Date :

8th January 2012

2pm – 5 pm


50Rs to share the cost of the projector and snacks/water


Peter Van Geit

VGP Layout Part III
62, 2nd main road


Presentation –

Courtesy: Chennai Trekkers Club

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