Melting Glass with Sunshine to Make Elegant Droplets

We came across this unique and innovative approach in making glass jewelry with recycled glass. Though the jewelry is made in Minneapolis, USA, the technique impressed us to write about it.  It made us remember the  designs we had experimented with broken glass bangles. With  love for designer accessories and artificial jewelry making waves in our daily life, this is a real catchy concept.

Melting Glass with Sunshine

Methods and Techniques

Glass is melted in the intense heat at the focal point of the giant lens. Gravity and surface tension pull the glass into a lobe that cools as it falls and stretches into the Sundrop shape.

Single colored Sundrops

Some drops are made by simply cutting glass into strips from bottles or art-glass scrap. These strips are melted drop by drop to make simple single-color jewelry.

Multi-colored Sundrops

are created by a more complex process. Art glass is melted together in a kiln to form a striped strip of glass. This strip is then twisted into a rod. Finally this twist is melted under the lens. To make multicolor drops with a “feather” pattern, the spiral is melted on the side so it curls into a ball with radiating stripes. This ball of molten glass is then dripped to form a Sundrop.


Finishing a Sundrop
Once the drop is separated from the glass rod the drop is held upside-down using tongs. The broken tip is melted until it forms a small ball, finishing the Sundrop.

Finally, the Sundrops are wrapped with sterling silver wire and incorporated into unique Sundrop jewelry.

This is unique glass and sterling silver jewelry made using focused sunshine to melt glass into simple and elegant droplets.

Sundrop Jewelry is handcrafted in Minneapolis and makes use of  recycled glass. Collecting different glass bottles is a profitable hobby and sure to turn into a passion if you have the requisite factors of creativity and interest.

With so much sunshine around, a chance for those with a crafty touch to experiment with their own designs.

Courtesy :  Sundrop Jewellery

Products at

Sundrop Jewelry

1808 Ulysses St NE.
Minneapolis, MN 55418

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  1. so very interesting…the earrings are pretty..and you have really written a detailed account on the techniques…

  2. That’s awesome! what a way to recycle into something beautiful 🙂

  3. What an innovative way to turn scrap into jewelry. I have always wondered about those intricate colored glass designs and how they are made. Thanks for the detailed info about techniques used for this work.

  4. The post is very nice.We teenagers like to update our fashion.please write more about fashion than travel.

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