Fashion Trend – Go For The Velvet

From being a mere supplement, blouses have gone glam with a vengeance with long sleeves, low backs, bows, strings, tassels and what have you. A well-designed and properly stitched blouse can enhance the overall look of the sari.

In a recall to the high-fashion era of Sharmila Tagore and Hema Malini in the 1960s, trendy cholis in brocade, net and velvet, not-so-long-ago considered old-fashioned, are once again adding glamour to a woman’s wardrobe. The new trend is long sleeves with a vintage or Victorian crossover look. Also, corset blouses with a variety in embroidery can add volume to the entire wardrobe. Blouses in fabrics like net, velvet and crepe playing with transparency on bright colours are perfect for Indian attire.

Believe it or not, there are many types of velvets, cotton, silk and satin varieties. Of these silk velvet is considered best for making dresses. Firstly, recognise that velvet is often confused with velveteen and corduroy. Make sure that you are not fooled into buying its cheaper cousins like Velour or velveteen for the same price. Velvet is woven, traditionally using silk (or even polyester) while velveteen is made from cotton. Velour is stretchier, cotton-based knit, usually made into tracksuits.

Crewel Velvet Fabric, the cotton velvet fabric is an ideal fabric for Chennaites to make it convenient to wear in hotter climates. Cotton  velvet fabric sounds a comparatively new term but individually cotton and velvet is quite common in discussion. Cotton velvet is a fabric containing almost same properties as of velvet. Cotton velvet is a type of derivative velvet fabric. Sometimes cotton velvet is misunderstood with cotton velveteen while both the fabrics have different properties. Cotton velvet fabric is fairly smooth and luxurious type of fabric. Cotton velvet is finished with same process as other velvets, with a slight difference. An additional set of wrap threads is used in process of cotton velvet making. The finished look of cotton velvet is quite rich and appealing. Cotton velvet has soft swathe nice falls that is why it is greatly used for garment manufacturing. Cotton velvet is available in multitude of colors which increases the scope of applications.

Velvet is back with a bang on the fashion scene but Chennai’s weather and simplistic taste doesn’t make velvet too popular. It need not be a reason to shun velvet. We can incorporate velvet detailing and patches in georgette kameez in order to appeal to Chennai’s fashion sense. The suits with brocade or velvet yokes are superb in construction and promise to flatter any figure.

One advantage is that velvet has deep and rich colours like violet, purple, wine red, black, dark brown, Moroccan blue and olive green. While a wide variety of imported velvet is available, the Indian velvet is also very commendable. The Indian velvet compared to foreign velvet has a two-toned shadow effect and gives your dress a vintage look in a positive way. But the imported velvet has solid shades. Recently, designers have turned to flocking velvet, a sort of satin materials with velvet motifs embossed on it.

It is necessary that you have a slim figure for velvet to suit you, as it is a thick fabric. Again, velvet in its jewelled hues, suits the sub-continental skin shadings. But it has a tendency to make you look slightly larger. As such it is advisable to go in for a velvet jacket or skirt, but never a velvet combination of both.If you don’t want to go all out on velvet clothing, don’t forget that you can always inject a bit of velvet into your wardrobe by way of accessories. Headbands, bows, handbags or shoes – esp. pumps are awesome compliments.

Few Designs of Velvet Blouses – Neck, Back, Sleeve Styles

A few Do’s and Don’ts regarding wearing velvets –


• Since this is a rich fabric, a good amount of make up will complement the outfit, highlighting eyes is a good option
• A must have is a common coloured velvet blouse, than you can wear with many sarees.

• Wear only one piece of velvet at a time, that is, don’t pair a velvet blouse with a velvet saaree or a velvet salwar with a velvet kameez, or a velvet shirt with velvet trousers. In short, don’t over do it.

• Do use it in cold climates, apart from being in vogue this season, velvets are also very practical.
•Velvet is generally chunky; so make sure that yours is well-tailored and cut a little trimmer to create a slim outfit


• Don’t over accessorize. A velvet outfit is a jewel in itself.
• Don’t over do make up.
• Don’t be afraid to flaunt your velvets, people will always question trends.
• Avoid greys, browns and other pale colours.
• Velvet picks up fluff, lint, dandruff, threads.So, often, all these bits show to the detriment of the fabric

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