Safe Disposal of EWaste

Many of us are not aware that most of the electronic goods and accessories have to be disposed carefully. It can be detrimental to our environment if ewaste is not disposed properly. Let us see what are the materials fall under hazardous waste. CRT monitors and TVs , Lead-Acid/Automotive Batteries, Alkaline Batteries, Button Batteries, Printers, Old Refrigerators,Lithium Batteries, Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners and much more. There is a company which recycles all those hazardous waste. Read on to know more.

Recycling can be defined as the assembling, developing promoting or buying of new products, which are prepared from waste materials. This exercise also reduces litter and the costs of solid waste disposal.

In the past, when pots were broken, they are not thrown away. The broken pots were then crushed into fine clay powder. That improved clay was used to make striking and fine-looking new pots. Today, we use many materials once, and then consider them as waste. Our task now is to develop the age-ole art of recycling exercises by our forefathers.

Trishyiraya Recycling India Private Limited is the only Indian company that offers safe and reliable disposal of e-waste. The Govt. of India as well as the Pollution Control Board have certified this company. It has constant surveillance mechanisms like CCTV monitors etc. No external or internal element can pilfer your secrets. The Total Termination Process at TPL assures you protection against resurfacing of components and exasperating legal litigations.

TPL feels proud of its innovative technology that helps recycle E-Waste. Adding feather to its cap is the ‘Total Termination Process’, that is completely pollution free. There is no contamination of water or air and, no sound pollution either. TPL nurtures the spirit of Pollution- Free Green Globe.

Their special domains of interest.

1. Wastage Management. 2. Expert Consultation on Waste – Minimization. 3. Special Training and Education to members and employees. 4. Spreading awareness on Eco – Friendly Practices. 5. Logistics Management. 6. Customer – Relationship Management.

Trishyiraya Recycling India Private Limited
Plot – A-7. (Phase I ), Madras Export Processing Zone – SEZ,
Tambaram, Chennai 600045

Tel: 91-44-22628067/68/69
Fax: 91-44-22628067
Mobile: 9940198471/9840897125/126

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