Visit Tada, An Idyllic Picnic Spot Close to Chennai

To describe Tada is easy, it has a small waterfall, hillock and wilderness and is almost deserted. It has nothing for visitors except waterfalls and you may find few hardcore campers. This place attracts campers more. It’s about 95 kms ( 59 miles ) from Chennai towards Andhra Pradesh. Tada is situated in Andhra Pradesh and suits best for a group picnic or to have a camp vacation.

Tada is complete with a waterfall, small hillocks, ideal for climbing (for any inexperienced climber) and greenery all around. An ideal trip would be an overnight stay. If motor bike is used from Chennai, it is better to reach Tada before evening. The road from the last village towards the hillocks is nothing but a sand pathway with huge boulders and rocks strewn around. A word of caution – it will take a lot of guts and skill to get to the ‘base-camp’ on the motorbike. Alternatively, for the green horns, you can always push your bike. If there is one thing that’s close to ‘infrastructure’ in Tada, it is the huts, rented by the lone watchman. They are ideal picnic spots, located near the stream. You can camp for the night here.

The next morning, pack your bags and trek around the hills and the water fall (a small one, but nevertheless, an attractive one). Here again one should get the help of the watchman, who also doubles as a guide. The surrounding hillocks and its valleys provide unlimited picnic spots all along the stream. The stream, at shallow points, provides ideal spots for splashing about in the water.

It is not very far from Chennai suitable for people who like not so routine spots.

Distance from Chennai : 95 kms /  59 miles
Nearest Airport and Rail : Chennai
Please note there is no lodging facilities available except huts

Travelers must carry their food and water. A pair of good sports shoes for trekking, first aid kit and insect repellent creams would be helpful.

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