Want to Play Cricket Chennai? Check out Cricketorium

Want to feel the speed of Bret Lee’s bowling? Hit Cricketorium! It is a first-of-its-kind sports plaza in Chennai that is going to take your breath away, especially if you are an avid cricket lover. Read on to know more details…

About Cricketorium
Cricketorium is equipped with bowling machine which is extremely beneficial if you wish to polish your cricket skills without the need of human partner. The bowling machine will bowl and you can bat. You can personalize the machine according to your requirement. It has the right kind of infrastructure that perfectly suits the requirements of players. There is an indoor A/C hall with cricket nets, where you can play your favorite shots. It offers you a real batting experience with a new bowling machine throwing tennis balls at you when you are on strike. Of course, there’s the additional excitement of winning prizes too if you cross milestones. Experience Bouncers, the HELICOPTER Shots, the UPPER CUT shots and The Dillu Scoop at Cricketorium!

Play in your passion(Cricket) at just Rs 2/- per ball..


10:00 AM to 10:00 PM


Cricketorium 67 A, Kilpauk Garden Road,Opposite to Cemetery Chennai
Phone: 9884255050

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  1. Cricketorium is a sports plaza in Chennai which is a must-visit place for cricket lovers because that is going to take your breath away. If you are a beginner and want to polish your skills without a human partner this is an ideal place for you. This place has bowling equipment which will help you to practice cricket without the help of humans as the bowling machine will bowl and you bat. The best part of this plaza is you can personalize equipments according to your requirement. The infrastructure suits the requirements of player. There is additional prizes also, if you cross the milestone. A great initiative taken by the Cricketorium team members for bringing this kind of unique idea.

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