Creating and Gifting Clay Flowers – Classes in Chennai

Soft polymer clay is made into a single petal in few seconds. The expert fingers create some more petals, leaves and to finish a wonderful flower. Jenifer  Rajkumar learned this unique clay art in Japan in 2006 and became an authorised instructor in 2007. Hand made clay flowers make  a wonderful everlasting gifts of floral arrangements and wedding bouquets. She lives in Chennai and teaches clay art, read on to know the details.
Jenifer has learnt Deco Clay craft in 2006 and became a licensed instructor in 2007. Jenifer stayed in Japan and equipped herself through Japanese artists & crafters and learnt the art and craft for 7+ years. She enjoys teaching others how to make clay flowers & arrangements.

Deco-clay is a special polymer air-dry clay that is easy to mix and blend into all the colors of the rainbow. This unique clay dries overnight,therefore baking and firing is not  necessary.Unlike porcelain or ceramic flowers,these delicate flowers are light weighted,very durable and flexible and can be easily handled.

The color clay and white  clay are mixed together to form the desired color. Each petals are first shaped and textured by hand,using various tools and then assembled to create  a single blossom. Even the stamens are hand-made and then placed inside the blossom. Since the flowers are all hand-made, never use  ” cutters “. The formula is to focus on each petal, each flower,then each arrangement or bouquet.

The flowers will snatch a special place at your home. It provides a great satisfaction to gift clay flowers.

The art of making clay flowers is enjoyable and helps you to be as creative as you want. Would you like to learn how to make your own flowers? Then choose any  one of the  3 options mentioned below

Trial Class:

A fresh candidate can take a trial lesson to feel the clay and to know “how it works” by making a small vase arrangement. This will be offered only once and needs prior booking.

Membership classes

(Curriculum I & II, Tropical course):

CLEO clay craft academy by Jenifer offers the same classes taught at DECO clay craft academy.

Non-member group classes:

The flowers taught will be of your choice. Call for details.

Jenifer  Rajkumar

Telephone : 91-9600095632

Email :

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  1. any idea where in can get polymer clay in chennai? urgent . thanks

  2. May I know the rate of clay if u supply materials

  3. Nice work. Liked your blog.

    From – Chennai flowers

  4. I am interested in purchasing the deco clay.Incase u do sell would like to know the cost. Thanks

  5. lalitha N. Pillai

    please inform me if you conduct workshops of daisy clay in Mumbai

  6. Priyanka Gupta

    Me in interest to purchasing the deco clay…. so ….if its possible… tell me the cost….. i am from Raipur ….

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